Realize Your Beautiful Potential with Me as Your Coach


Hi, I’m Maggie. I’m an entrepreneur and writer who transitioned from a 9-to-5 job to a cookbook author and pop-up market maker for 25,000+ guests. I’ve also made a life-changing wellness shift that’s turned into real wellness for life. I’d like to spark a sustained and meaningful change in your life, too.


Together, we’ll discover the experiences you want to nurture in your life and carve a path toward achieving them through a vision boarding session or you can bring me on to be your coach.


I can be your Cheerleader, providing unending support, optimism, and motivation; Advisor, offering a gut-check when you need it most; Guide, sharing my real life experience through the unknown; Teacher, helping you break down the big projects into achievable pieces; and, Confidant, sharing inspiration to get you through your day.



Depending on the plan, we’ll do life-changing work together. We may create: Vision Board: create inspiration to kick-start your work and life; Empire Chart: make a map of the experiences you desire; Personal Biography: draft words to represent you today and in the future; Prioritized Roadmap: to figure out which initiatives to tackle when; Knowledge Inventory: of what you know and what you need to learn; Financial Plan: collaborate on a doc to track your make-money moments; Goals & Objectives: to guide our work together and your future; and more, as needed.


More About Me:

Successful Internet start-up career–TripAdvisor, Lycos, Matchmaker; Transitioned from 9-to-5 job to thriving small business life; Built Eat Boutique, award-winning shop and recipe site; Hosted pop-up food markets for 25K+ guests; Published award-winning cookbook; 2nd cookbook releases in 2019; Motivation speaker on cookbooks, blogging, community, experience; Featured in The Wall Street Journal, Refinery29, The Boston Globe, Food52; Sharing my wellness journey on #1 site for young women, The Kitchn; Currently opening a food retail space, a new way to shop for food



3 Ways to Work Together:


2 Hours to Envision Your Very Best Life – $175

In 2 hours, we’ll make a vision board to kick-start your work and life. Hours to be used between 2 sessions (1 week apart).


5 Hours to Envision Your Very Best Life – $500

In 5 hours, we’ll make a vision board, and do some of the following based on your personal needs: create an empire chart, establish goals & objectives, write a personal biography, take inventory of your knowledge, draft a roadmap, and collaborate on a financial plan. Hours must be used within a 30-day timeframe.


10 Hours to Envision Your Very Best Life – $950

In 10 hours, we’ll make a vision board, and do some of the following based on your personal needs: create an empire chart, establish goals & objectives, write a personal biography, take inventory of your knowledge, draft a roadmap, collaborate on a financial plan, and use other special techniques and tools to help you achieve your dreams. Hours must be used within a 60-day timeframe.


All plans include a free 30-minute consultation. All conversations are conducted via Skype or Google Hangout. Special arrangements can be made for face-to-face meetings in Boston. Payment is due via PayPal or USD check upon booking. These are my introductory rates; they will increase in September 2018.


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“Maggie is a gentle guide that helps you organize your goals into visuals with short descriptions. I love that she works with you on creating a Pinterest vision board because it’s so easy to refer to on a daily basis to keep me on track. I also like that I can keep tweaking my goals and adding images after the sessions are over. For my business, Maggie’s helped me look at what really makes money and focus in on that instead of spreading myself so thin. The financial spreadsheet she helped me make has completely changed the way I look at and make decisions.”–Kathy H., author of eight cookbooks, recipe developer, and cooking teacher in Durham, North Carolina


“Working with Maggie as my coach was exactly what I needed to refine my vision, recognize my true skill set, and understand myself better. She asked tough questions in a compassionate way–questions that I never would have reflected on before and that absolutely pushed me forward to pursue my passion. She empowered me to dream big and inspired new confidence in the projects I am working on. In two hours, I learned so much about myself and what a successful business looks like. My vision is so much more vibrant and clear now thanks to Maggie!”–Amy L., caterer, recipe developer, and creator of kitchen goods collection in Somerville, Massachusetts


“Maggie is a gem to work with! She’s an astute, compassionate listener, yet just when you think she’s given her all, she asks hard, thought-provoking questions. As a result, I have learned to streamline my daily workflow and I’m a more focused and productive writer and creator.”–Maureen B., cookbook author, motivational speaker, and seafood expert in Louisville, Kentucky


“A dream out of focus is just a blur of pretty ideas. This is what I realized after working with Maggie on my vision board. I had a smorgasbord of things I liked, but I had no concept of how to piece it all together into something attainable. Maggie took all of my pinned pictures and helped me to create an outline of what each one meant in the overall scheme of achieving my full potential. We also went deeper than just career and worked on other areas I hadn’t fully realized were even part of my aspirations. Thanks to Maggie, I now have a clearer vision of my goals.”–Kate K., recipe developer, photographer, and writer in Portland, Oregon


“Maggie is a natural leader. She is brilliant, kind, and supportive. Maggie’s guided me through this journey with specific details, help with plans and prioritization, and encouraged me to believe in myself and keep going even in moments when I feel overwhelmed. She’s taught me to break the project down into smaller and more manageable tasks, has provided information and resources that I would never have found on my own, and has helped me set goals to hold myself accountable. I highly recommend Maggie to anyone who wants to start and complete any project, while also having fun and feeling accomplished on the journey.”–Helen K., registered dietician and author of award-winning cookbooks in New York, New York