Maggie Battista

Founder, We Are Magic Studio

Maggie Battista is the founder of Eat Boutique and We Are Magic Studio. She’s a business guide and storyteller. Over the course of her work life, she’s launched some of the first super successful internet start-ups; built engaged communities of millions; designed intentional brands, including Eat Boutique (an award-winning retail brand); and operated hospitality businesses here and in France. She’s raised funds for organizations & people in crisis, and written two cookbooks and multiple essays on how we relate to food. In tandem, Maggie has done inner work to practice consciousness, embodiment & self-love. She’s done deep dives on feminism & the brain-wave states. She’s developed a connection with her inner voice and knows the power of meditation first-hand. She’s on the yoga mat nearly every day. She connects with her intuition at every opportunity and believes in the power of connecting with your true nature through human design. Through all this study and practice, Maggie has become an eternal seeker of alignment.