I launched a new business called, We Are Magic Studio

We Are Magic Studio


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Hello everyone!

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Starting in 2021, I have started a new business focused on holistic entrepreneurship. My new business is called We Are Magic Studio and I’d love to tell you a little bit about it.

We Are Magic Studio offers intuitive and mindful business coaching to a diverse group of entrepreneurs by:

1. Nurturing your humanness to infuse it into your business

2. Aligning or birthing your business from your personal values

3. Creating brand storytelling (AKA, marketing) that’s authentic, resulting in more impactful contributions to your clients and community

I’m Maggie Battista, a business guide and storyteller. I’ve launched some of the first super successful internet start-ups; built engaged communities of millions; designed intentional brands, including Eat Boutique (this award-winning retail brand you’re visiting right now); and operated hospitality businesses here and in France. I’ve raised funds for organizations & people in crisis, and written two cookbooks and multiple essays on how we relate to food.

Over the last many years, I’ve done inner work to practice consciousness, embodiment & self-love. I’ve done deep dives on feminism & the brain-wave states. I’ve developed a connection with my inner voice and knows the power of meditation first-hand. I’m on the yoga mat nearly every day. I connect with my intuition at every opportunity and believe in the power of connecting with your true nature through human design. Through all this study and practice, I have become an eternal seeker of alignment.

Over on We Are Magic Studio, I will empower entrepreneurs to use all of their magic to make beautiful brands that inspire and serve their communities.

If you subscribe to my new website, I’ll send you a powerful guided visualization on how to envision your future self. This visualization is just a snippet of the world of tools I offer to help you launch and realign your business with your values. I hope you’ll consider signing up to access this powerful free tool.

Thank you for being here.

Eat Boutique was an award-winning shop and story-driven recipe site created by Maggie Battista – an author, business guide and alignment seeker. After hosting retail markets for 25,000+ guests, Maggie now supports entrepreneurs as they create values-based businesses through We Are Magic StudioFollow Maggie Battista on Instagram.