A New Way to Food: Thank You So Much And I Need Your Opinion


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My new cookbook, A New Way to Food, has been out in the world for two whole weeks. And, girl, it’s been a roller coaster ride. The book released and I received so many sweet, kind, and very emotional messages. Gosh, it is so wonderful to connect with so many of you in such a meaningful way.

Thank you for supporting A New Way to Food. I hope the stories and recipes are feeding your body and your soul. I’m incredibly humbled by this process and fortified to know I am not alone. You are not alone, too.

Since we’re all in this together, I would love to ask for a little more help. Brief, honest reviews are so helpful to writers and to all the potential consumers of my cookbook. If you have not yet written a review on Amazon, would you mind taking five minutes to share your opinion now? Just click on this link and leave your review there.

If you have left a review over on Amazon, thank you! You’re already a rock star.

Reviews go a long way in making sure that books that are right for you float into your search list over there. And, ideally, more popular books cultivate 50+ reviews. I’m working toward that goal and would really appreciate your help getting there.

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