Maggie Battista x Universal Standard: 14 Giveaways Starting Right Now


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Over the last month or two, I’ve shared my new cookbook with some of my friends and colleagues. So many of them have helped me in various ways–either by being so confident in who they are, by showing me what real self love looks like, or by simply being on the other end of an email during this intensely emotional time. Writing a book is fun, but it’s also full of all the feelings!

Because of their inspiration, I partnered up with Universal Standard to show them and all of you my love! Universal Standard is an inclusive fashion brand that exists to give fashion freedom to all women. If 67% of women in the U.S. wear a size 14 or above, why did the fashion world present such dismal options for so long? With Universal Standard, a size 26 can finally shop in the same way as a size 6—with only style as the filter. We all deserve the same level of style, quality, and, quite frankly, respect.

Since Universal Standard and my cookbook both prioritize self-love, body positivity, and body confidence, I asked them to participate in clothing giveaways with all of my friends. They want to support cooking in comfort so they said “yes” instantly! Over the next few weeks, 14 friends will showcase and feature super soft and beautiful Loungewear pieces and they’ll give you the opportunity to win a set of 4 pieces (valued at $180) plus a copy of my new cookbook, A New Way to Food. Yes, it almost sounds too good to be true–but it’s real, people. It’s so real.

To help you navigate all the giveaways, here’s a list of participating friends and their Instagram names. Click over to their profile on the day listed to enter the giveaways. The more you enter, the greater your chances of winning. I’m sending big hugs to all the people on this list–thank you!

Naturally, if you cannot wait for the giveaways, please pick up a copy of my cookbook A New Way to Food either at your favorite local bookseller, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, or Amazon. And you can shop to your heart’s content at Universal Standard–just leave some clothes for me, please! (Like this dress and this bodysuit and this sweater!) xox

P.S. Giveaway dates may change at the last moment due to so many things out of our control. Please keep watching their feeds for updates!

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