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As you probably know at this point, I wrote a cookbook. (Woo hoo!) It’s very different in style from my first cookbook. Instead of just recipes, A New Way to Food is what I call a cookbook hybrid: it features 108 wholesome recipes as well as essays that chronicle my journey to self love, essays that I sincerely hope will help you learn to love yourself, too.

This cookbook is very special to me. The act of writing it forced me to go deep and truly tugged at some very tough stuff. There were days when I cried all day as I tapped each key on my keyboard and then there were days when I felt a strong sense of relief for finally saying the tough things that hurt for so long. When you read it, I hope you feel all the heart that went into it and I hope you love the food, which is a blend of all day recipes that are mostly savory and a little sweet.

If you plan on ordering in the future, I would love it if you pre-ordered my new cookbook right now. To thank you for your pre-order, I’ve spent the last few weeks creating an exclusive pre-order gift from me to you. Just let me know you purchased my new cookbook anytime in 2018 and until February 4, 2019, and I’ll send you the recipe for the Spring Roll Salad on the cover. I’ll also give you a Transitional Meal Plan that outlines the cookbook recipes that are a great fit from winter to spring. And I will give you my Nine Steps for Learning to Love Yourself. Whoa, that’s a lot of content!

If you’ve already pre-ordered, scroll to the end of this page to learn how to get the exclusive pre-order gift from me to you (and enter a drawing to win three of my favorite spices from ILA). If you’re not sure about pre-ordering, I’d like to explain why your pre-order matters. It really, really does. And I want to explain a bit more about how a book gets made and released into the world.

But first, here’s the cover (!!!)

Writing a cookbook is a real act of faith, for everyone.

Certainly, I received a little money in advance from my publisher but that money is toward future sales of the cookbook. That means, I’m paid a little upfront based on how many books the publisher thinks may be sold. They keep track of all books sold and once we meet these estimates, then I begin to collect royalties for every book sold after that. It’s sort of a strange, antiquated process but it’s the way publishing has worked for many, many years.

I’m not living the high life on my advance, sipping champagne day in and out. Gosh, I wish. The money I get paid in advance is used to actually make the cookbook. I use it to pay for the photographer, the stylist, the recipe testing manager, and all the food–and there’s a lot of food since I make every recipe multiple times and so does the recipe testing manager. And then I buy even more food when the team gathers to photograph the actual recipes. That’s a lot of vegetables, people.

Now, after nearly two years of work on this cookbook, it feels a bit odd to ask you to buy my cookbook months before its release date, especially when there are big things happening all around us like the winter holidays, the politics of the day, and, you know, all the complexities of your everyday life. But there are some interesting reasons for my ask and I thought it would be helpful to explain it all.

I would love it if you to pre-ordered my new cookbook now because, first, I want to earn out my advance. That means, I want to pay back the publishers who put their faith in me. They put their faith in my story and have worked very hard to make a cookbook that is beautiful and helpful and quite a bit different than what is typically on bookstore shelves today.

You see, there are so many published cookbooks written by classically-thin, healthy people–and some of them are very good. But we now know that 67% of women in America are a size 14 or above. That means that the average-sized woman is not classically thin. The average-sized woman is round and curvy and lumpy and imperfect and beautiful. And I am one of those average-sized women.

My cookbook reckons my decades as a fat girl and shares how I found real wellness–the kind that is less about body shape and weight and more about seeing myself as worthy of good food and good health. Sure, I lost a bunch of weight but I’m big and healthy and beautiful and so happy to just be me. This is a very radical concept for some and I am honored that my publisher has wanted to tell this story alongside me.

There is, however, another reason why I would like you to pre-order my new cookbook now.

The number of books sold before its release plays a big part in its success.

That was certainly a difficult concept for me to grasp, let alone understand. You see, most books are now sold via Amazon. You do not have to buy my cookbook via Amazon (Indiebound, Barnes & Noble, and your independent bookstore are equally wonderful options!) but it’s a fact that most book sales are conducted via Amazon. And the volume of books sold now, in advance of my release date, will determine how often it gets viewed, where it goes in the online listings, and whether Amazon gives it attention at all. To be very blunt, if a book doesn’t get enough sales on Amazon, its message is less likely to be heard. And I need this cookbook to heard.

This cookbook holds a very radical concept–the concept that radical self-love and acceptance leads to good health–and I want this concept to be heard by everyone. I want it to be widely accepted that being bigger does not mean you’re unhealthy. I want everyone to see themselves as worthy of good health. I know that when you love yourself you make the best possible choices for your life and body. And I believe that’s a radical concept that’s worth sharing over and over again.

If you pre-order, I want to give you something good pronto.

Now, I don’t want to keep asking you to pre-order my cookbook without offering you something to make it worthwhile right this very second. I know first-hand how hard it can be to order something you’re very excited about and wait 1-2 months for it to arrive. I’ve spent the last few weeks creating something special for those who pre-order my cookbook right this very second–or anytime before February 4, 2019.

If you pre-order my new cookbook now, I’ll give you the recipe for that beautiful dish on the cover. It’s a Spring Roll Salad and I’ll be making it all winter and spring. Maybe we can make it all winter and spring together? I’d like that very much.

If you pre-order my new cookbook now, I’ll also give you a Transitional Meal Plan that outlines the cookbook recipes that are a great fit from winter to spring (and you’ll be able to use it in tandem with the cookbook once it arrives in your kitchen). Wahoo!

And there’s one other extra special thing. If you pre-order my new cookbook now, I want to give you my Nine Steps for Learning to Love Yourself. These nine steps come from my very personal experience of finding real love for myself. What took me years may take you less time now that you have these steps. And I cannot wait to get these steps into your heart and mind.

As I wrote earlier, writing a cookbook is an act of faith. In this book, I have shared a lot of deeply personal experiences, some from as far back as childhood. I have also shared some of my favorite recipes, the sort I make everyday, the sort that helped me find good health. I opted to put my story out there not knowing whether I’d be accepted by readers. In fact, just having it out there in the public feels a little scary to me.

But my leap of faith is you’ll buy and read this cookbook and perhaps even share it with friends or family who need to read its radical message. I am the living proof that radical self-love and acceptance can lead to good health and I’m going to work my big booty off to spread this message. I would really appreciate your help spreading this message, too.

Here’s how to get an exclusive pre-order gift from me to you (and enter to win my favorite spices from ILA).

1. Pre-order A New Way to Food at your local bookstore (or on Indiebound, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon). I also like the Harvard Book Store in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Brookline Booksmith in Brookline, Massachusetts.

2. Once you’ve pre-ordered, enter your name, email, and receipt order number on THIS PAGE. Once entered, I’ll send you the recipe for the Spring Roll Salad on the cover. I’ll give you a Transitional Meal Plan that outlines the cookbook recipes that are a great fit from winter to spring. And I will give you my Nine Steps for Learning to Love Yourself. You’ll be able to download this content within moments of pre-ordering and telling me about it. (Once the cookbook releases, this gift will no longer be available.)

3. The extra good news is each pre-order will be entered to potentially win three of my favorite spices–cumin, smoked paprika, and cinnamon–from ILA. I will randomly choose a winner from all pre-order entries on Tuesday, February 5 and will ship you these gorgeous spices so you can cook with them when you receive my new cookbook! Thanks so much, ILA!

4. After you’ve explored the content and made the Spring Roll Salad, tell me what you think! Post a picture of the dish on Instagram with the hashtag #newwaytofood or #realwellness (or both!) and I’ll look through them all and share my favorites. Huzzah. 

Thank you so much for ordering and for taking the time to read this post. I really appreciate it.

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