The Only Way I Was Able to Lose Weight Was Without My Husband


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I’ve used my writing for lots of specific purposes.

Sometimes, I’ve promoted a new food or event or cookbook (which is I suppose is considered marketing). Oftentimes, I write to share, to get something off my chest, and to connect with others (which is definitely community). And sometimes, I write to discover what I believe, to lay a stake in the ground somehow, to clarify my opinion or purpose (which I like to think is discovery).

I’ve written another piece for The Kitchn which I thought was about discovery. I thought I wrote it to get something way personal and slightly controversial off my chest. But now that it’s live and I’m getting notes from friends and perfect strangers, I know it’s really about connecting with others and further lining up all the dots between us so we know we’re all in this together. Because, I promise, we are all in this together.

It’s really hard to get healthy. Americans spend more than $66 billion trying to lose weight annually. I didn’t spend that much, of course, but I did have to do it on my own, separate from the person who meant the world to me. I thought it was an important story to share so I think you, some of the people who mean the world to me, should know about it, too.

Read “The Only Way I Was Able to Lose Weight Was Without My Husband” on The Kitchn and come back here to tell me what you think!

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P.S. I also wrote a short piece about my favorite plant milk: The Non-Dairy Milk That Deserves Way More Attention.

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