January 2018: Four Intentions to Find My Way Toward Happier Living



Happy new year.

As I mentioned on Instagram, I believe that the tough stuff of the last year feeds the goodness that is on its way to us. In this way…

2017 was a gift to 2018.

And now 2018 can shine.”

With that said, I have no resolutions for the new year. Resolutions have never worked for me. You see, the expectations from the change of a year have always left me feeling overwhelmed, dejected, and stumped. I wrote a little bit about that in 2017.

Instead, I have set some intentions for myself to find my way toward happier living and do some of the stuff I mentioned in this story. I’m focused on purging stuff that has run its course (people, material items, processes); finding new methods for productivity; incorporating more movement into my life; and making satisfying dishes with fewer (but always wholesome) ingredients. To help me get better, I’ve read a bunch of stuff on the Internet (like you do). I hope what I’ve gathered might be helpful to you.

1. Let’s purge stuff that’s run its course.

After I went to sleep on New Years Eve, I had this rowdy all-night dream that showed me the sad relationships (with real people and folks whom I had idolized from afar) of my last year. In the dream, I interacted with the person, we’d have a few words, maybe we’d shake hands, and we parted with smiles.

Instead of freaking out, I took the dream at face value and I just mentally let go of those relationships. Sure, maybe they did something, maybe I did something, perhaps I thought they were something they were not – there are so many reasons why relationships end. But I want you to know that it’s okay that they do end. In fact, sometimes they have to.

By ending, they make room for new relationships or let you rekindle a relationship that has been waiting in the wings, getting ready for when you’re ready. In 2018, I’ll bring the positive closer and let the negative fade away. In fact, I’m feeding those positive relationships right now (that means you)!

As well, I found a few other ways to purge stuff, take a look:

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2. Find new ways for productivity.

Since transitioning from doing what I love – food! – on the side to doing what I love as a full-time thing now, I have struggled to find the best ways for me to get my work done. I’ve discovered that my day is easier and more satisfying if I wake at the same time everyday, including weekends, so I can do personal stuff before digging into my work. I also schedule out my day into 2-hour sections, just like I would schedule a meeting, to set some time limits to projects and keep things moving.

Here are a few more things I learned from the Internet:

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The Size-Inclusive Brands You Need to Know: I’m a big fan of Universal Standard, among others.

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3. Incorporate more movement into life.

I’ve focused the last three years of my life finding a new way to food, a way of eating that works for my body and that takes decades of my life’s baggage into consideration. I’ve lost 70+ pounds on this wellness journey and plan to take you through exactly how I stock my pantry and what I eat so very soon.

For now, 2018 is all about finding movement. You see, this past year has been one of the hardest of my life and my body is in perennial pain. Since very little from a doctor has helped, I’m 100% owning my physical well-being now.

Late last year, I started acupuncture (which has greatly reduced the pain!). I started yoga with a private teacher and on the Internet last week. And thank goodness for regular epsom salt soaks because they ease my body into all this new movement.

Here are a few bits on all that:

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How Does Acupuncture Work? From an actual medical journal.

Health Benefits of Salt Baths: After all that movement, my sore body needs this.

4. Make satisfying dishes with fewer – but always wholesome – ingredients.

Food has always come easy to me: all of it, every last morsel, goes into my mouth quite easily! But seriously, now that I eat in a mostly plant-centric way, food is just better. The flavors taste clearer and my ingredient options have broadened (rather than reduced); there are simply so many vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits, and grains on this planet!

I’ll write a follow up story with a peek into my pantry and favorite recipes next week. For now, here are some things I’ve read recently:

5 Food Trends We’re Predicting for 2018: I hate food trend articles but I am such a tinned-fish fan. Take a look.

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Homemade Oat Milk: A quickie recipe for you to try.

If this 2018 round up was helpful to you, would you mind letting me know in the comments below or over on Instagram. I love your feedback and support; and I want to create content that is super helpful for you in the new year! xo

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