Location, Location, Location for the Eat Boutique Space and How You Can Help


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I spend mucho tiempo (a lot of time) on my own these days. It’s very much the opposite of who I am. In fact, I was speaking with someone recently about my “life” style, about how I’ve learned that my business and personal lives are both very much community-based and have been for as long as I can remember. I guess, simply put, I like my spheres filled with mucho people and lot of opinions that make me better at what I do. So all this alone time is, well, not so fab. 

The time, however, is well spent. I’m dug-deep into spreadsheet land, working the parts of my brain that don’t really love to look at all these ones and zeros; the writer in me is definitely like, “WTF?” But looking for a permanent Eat Boutique space isn’t just about seeing pretty old (and new) buildings, pinning design materials and fixtures to Pinterest, or recipe testing food and stuff. It’s way more than that.

Creating an actual brick and mortar style business is less about the food right now and 90% about all this (in no particular order… bear with me):

  • Talking to banks
  • Identifying the mentors in your life
  • Meeting with trusted advisors
  • Looking at commercial real estate
  • Estimating how much it will all cost
  • Visiting spots that inspire
  • Believing you’re so close to “terms” (a general agreement) with a landlord
  • Interviewing designers, architects, and contractors
  • Realizing you’re so far away from terms with that landlord
  • Comfort-eating a big bowl of mashed potatoes (will have to put that on the menu!)
  • Looking at more commercial real estate
  • Signing on with a (fab) broker who’s been a fan/customer for years
  • Finding key members of your opening team
  • Looking at more commercial real estate
  • Writing job descriptions
  • Meeting with more banks, more advisors, more potential landlords

And this is all before winnowing in on the perfect space! Indeed, I’m still hunting for the first Eat Boutique space and much of this has to do with the fact that I’m looking for such a large space to be able to host thousands of products, many makers, and all of you. Plus, I don’t want just any space; I’m going to find the right space that makes us gasp when we walk in but also feel like a place we want to be all the time. It’s a tall order but I know you get me.

That said, I’ve got two big areas where you may be able to help.


I’ve created this very quick LOCATION SURVEY to gather your two cents, as customers and fans of what we do. Please fill it in and clue me into your favorite neighborhoods for food.


Remember that part where I said I was all on my own? I’m hosting a Spring Dinner Party cooking class at chez moi (just north of Boston) on Saturday, March 18. There are a few tickets left and I’d love your company assembling a simple dinner party with the season’s best ingredients. You’ll leave with recipes, a full belly from all that food, and new friends, promise. Take a peek at the menu and grab tickets here.

I’m waiting for the moment when it’s all about the creative foodstuffs again. Until then, I’ll remember this market we did together and keep working on those ones and zeroes. Thank you!

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