How You Save Summer and the End of a Giveaway


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We hate to see things end, whether it’s a season, a great meal, or a pretty neat Save Summer Giveaway. It’s true that the latter is over, but we’re so grateful to all of you who entered! You love summer, and we can’t blame you.

We had hundreds of entries that boiled down to three lucky winners, who each received one 3-pound box of farm-fresh, seasonal fruit from Frog Hollow Farm, one Simple Peace French market basket, a signed copy of Maggie Battista’s Food Gift Love, a Le Parfait Super .5 Liter Jar, and more. We can’t wait to see what @bonjourkatrina, @ch_chitnis, and @lily_and_mae do with their prizes.

Eat Boutique_Save Summer Giveaway

We also learned so much about why you adore the warmest season, and how you make it last for as long as possible. You know that we save summer by making Strawberry Cordial, Minty Pickles, and Herbes de Provence, but we’ve added a whole bunch of new things to try thanks to your comments on Instagram.

We found your answers so inspiring, we wanted to share a few with all of you. If there’s something we’ve missed, please add your ideas to the comments below.


Your Favorite Fruit

econti0522 says, “Hands down blackberries – or whatever fruit is in the cobbler I’m making!”

colcurley says, “Peaches are my favorite…especially in a pie!”

mrsrgraham says, “oh man, I think I change my mind all the time but guavas are an all time fav!”

jessiemayf says, “We’ve been snacking on cherries all summer! Perfectly sweet + tart, and packed with antioxidants.”

melissamassello says, “I cannot get enough blueberries this year. They’re simply perfect!”

pickled beans 3

What You Love to Pickle

4jessad says, “I like to mix, cauliflower, red pepper, green pepper, cucumber pickles & red onion”

whatsinseasonwithdes says, “To me there’s nothing like hot pickled peppers and refrigerator pickled cukes!”

vidonia13 says, “Sweet Pickled Jalapenos!”

sticksnscones says, “Curried Cauliflower is my fav to pickle”

k_minyard says, “I love pickling cukes, zucchini, and watermelon rinds!”

savouremtlvt says, “tixia gooseberries & marigold flowers in mirin, yuzu & a splash of sake ? awesome in a cocktail or straight up”


The Herbs You Adore

azmccain says, “Basil is my faaaaaaav…. Love it in lemonade, with some strawberries in a glass of water, Italian dishes, and so much more! Plus it’s so easy to grow that I always have fresh around. Win win win”

tchris_27 says, “Rosemary. Versatile and photogenic. Satisfying the taste bud and sight. Adding it to simple dish like potato to make it so much better. It smells divine too”

szsteinway says, “Sage, the leaves are soft and fuzzy and lovely and you can quickly fry them and add crunch to a salad or any chicken dish”

aising__julian says, “My favorite herb is mint. I love smelling it.. Putting it in drinks.. Especially water. I am so bad at drinking plain water but add a little mint and some lemon.. Yum!!!”

beadsapp says, “I love dill I use it to make dill beans and onions. I can’t do summer without it. Yummy”

Lead and final photos taken by Heidi Murphy/White Loft Studio. Second and third photos taken by Denise Woodward.

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