Six Quick Food Gifts You Can Toss in a Jar


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I’ve always been an avid collector. Whether books, old birthday cards, or magazine clippings, I had a shelf for it all. Naturally, there are some cons to this hobby, like clutter and being called a hoarder from time to time.

Moving from city to city and apartment to apartment over the years, I’ve learned to narrow down my belongings and part with things. My vintage glass jar collection is, however, the one thing I’ve hung onto. Not only is it pretty but it’s also quite useful, as I now have lovely vessels for speedy gifts.

Skim through your cabinets and hang on to those old jam jars, folks. And when you’re in need of a thank you, congratulations, or just a “thinking of you” special-something, toss any of these six quick food gifts into a jar and gift it away.


Herby Aioli: This aioli couldn’t be more perfect for your upcoming summer picnics. Overflowing with fresh herbs, it is the perfect accompaniment to garden-fresh veggies.


Carrot Top Pesto: Don’t even think about tossing your carrot tops after chopping the orange bits in a salad. Instead add them to your pesto, and enjoy an instant food gift.


Apricot Chipotle Barbecue Sauce: The answer is yes, you can, and should, add fruit to your barbecue sauce. It’s the perfect natural sweetener, and a great way to use up any extra-ripe fruit.

Eat Boutique_MustardSalt

Mustard Sea Salt: This salt couldn’t be easier to throw together, and is a game-changer when it comes to your pretzels, popcorn, or poultry.


Candied Clementines: The vanilla bean is such a tasty addition to these candied clementines, plus they look oh so lovely in a jar.


Cashew Milk: Step aside, almond milk. This milk is surprisingly easy to make and is a unique gift for your dairy-free friends looking for a nourishing, creamy milk.

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