Seven Hearty Meals for the Dad Who Does Everything


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In my eyes, my dad can do anything. He is the mechanic, the cook, the driver, and—my favorite—the storyteller. When I was little, I loved those long family car rides where my mom and sisters would nod off to sleep, and I would stay awake to hear my dad spin a tale about a frog in a well or two horsemen racing to foreign cities. He influenced my love for stories in a great way.

For all the roles he played, my dad deserves a hearty meal to match his heart for building a great big world for his family. Giouvarlakia with Tomato Sauce and Oregano (pictured above) fits the bill, and I’ve gathered a few more recipes to share with the man of the hour this Father’s Day.

Eggplant Rollatini//

Eggplant Rollatini: The whole family will enjoy this hearty vegetarian dish, and you know how he loves it when everyone is together.

Seared Lamb Chops with Indian Spice Rub//

Seared Lamb Chops with Indian Spice Rub: Simple-ingredient and vegetable-lovin’ cook, Christine Chitnis, knows life is all about those delicious compromises, like creating this spicy, meaty dish for the men in her life.

Cheesy Bake-and-Broil Pasta//

Cheesy Bake-and-Broil Pasta: Dad knows just when to make the all-time, kid-favorite mac and cheese. Turn the tables, and make this cheesy pasta dish for him.

Sea Salt and Black Pepper Rub//

Sea Salt and Black Pepper RubThis simple spice rub gives quality meat the flavor spotlight, just like dad who always let you shine.

Coq Au Vin a la Partridge//

Coq Au Vin a la PartridgeThis dish conjures up images of remote villages and farming fields to pair with dad’s adventure stories after dinner.

Beef, Stout and Oyster Pie//

Beef, Stout and Oyster Pie: Our expert on all things British, Sean St. John, unearths the culinary treasures of the ocean to make a country classic, which is similar to dad really—a treasure deep down and classic through and through.

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