Six Homemade Pantry Gifts to Show How Much You Care


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Maybe it’s the turn of seasons in the air because multiple life changes occurred among my trusty troupe of friends in just a few weeks: the newly-minted grandmother; the very-soon-to-be mother; first-time homeowners; and the recently engaged, graduated, or hired. I am suddenly in need of gifts to give in celebration of these momentous occasions.

But I know gifts have another important role in the midst of transitions: meeting friends in moments of stress. Pantry gifts are especially suited for the job, saving friends a trip to the store and sneaking in some homemade love whenever they sit down for a meal. If you have loved ones moving from one season to the next, knock on their door with one of these heartening gifts in hand. They will know upon sight they have a friend, you, rooting for them through anything.

Homemade Chicken Stock//

Homemade Chicken Stock: Paired with a jar of vegetables, this gift is time saved in the kitchen and provides nourishment throughout the week.

Aromatic Herbal Bouquets//

Aromatic Herbal Bouquets: This gift is twofold—a remedy for everyday stress and a stock of herbs to sprinkle on whatever is cooking in the kitchen.

Homemade Baguette//

Homemade Baguette: Toast and slather with jam for breakfast, slice up for lunchtime sandwiches, or break off a piece to catch all that delicious sauce on the dinner plate. This gift fits the bill all day long.

Refrigerator Bread and Butter Pickles//

Refrigerator Bread and Butter Pickles: Gift a jar of these just-right pickles to jazz up sandwiches or satisfy those random pickle cravings.

Spicy Mayonnaise//

Spicy Mayonnaise: This pantry gift will delight anyone who is whipping up a snack and thinks, “This needs a little kick.

Balsamic Glaze//

Balsamic Glaze: A spoonful of this decadent glaze solves the everlasting what-to-make-for-dinner dilemma by making any meat or veggie shine.

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