Stop and Drink the Flowers with Five Fragrant Cocktails


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After hearing flowers can improve one’s emotional wellness, I increased the frequency in which I brought home a bouquet with my groceries. Throughout the week, I would spot the vase of flowers atop the kitchen table, and suddenly my day grew brighter and better. Ya just gotta love science.

Now I have another reason and rhyme to have flowers at home—making refreshing, seasonal drinks. Enjoy one of these floral beverages with family and friends. After all, research shows flowers encourage connection and shared experiences, too.

Sparkling Elderflower Punch//

Sparkling Elderflower Punch: This recipe yields many lovely benefits: a simple syrup for drinks and toppings (on salads, desserts, etc.), a bowl of celebratory punch, and tinkling ice cubes when raising a glass to toast.

Dandelion Wine//

Dandelion Wine: I thought it was the stuff of fiction, but Jill Chen walks us through the magic-made-real process of this floral diddy.

Ginger Rose Sparkler//

Ginger Rose Sparkler: For all the romantics out there, here is a floral drink to enjoy alongside a Nora Ephron movie or when you are missing a certain television show (ahem, The Bachelor).

Jasmine Strawberry Iced Tea//

Jasmine Strawberry Iced Tea: Heidi Murphy writes, “Jasmine and Strawberry are the perfect summer companions.” I believe this drink and you will be perfect companions this season, too.

Violet Ombre//

Violet Ombre: Just two ingredients and you have the taste of flowers from France on the tongue—not to mention a beautiful drink anytime of year.

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