Five Classic Childhood Treats for the Young at Heart


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As a child, I bought ice cream from my neighborhood ice cream truck every week. I would hand the ice cream man four quarters for a cool summer treat, but I always felt like I got more out of the exchange than he did. After all, ice cream was a big deal.

On one week, I cut five flower petals out of construction paper, glued the ends together, and added a green stem below. In the middle of the petals, I nestled my four-quarter ice cream allowance. I ran up to the ice cream truck and delivered my gift. The man smiled and handed me an ice cream sandwich in return. I peeled back the thin wrapping, bit into the soft sandwich, and knew this time was just right.

This Classic Ice Cream Sandwich recipe (pictured above) gives me a chance to revisit those crafty childhood days. Make one of these classic kid treats with the whole family this Mother’s Day. They are sure to beckon a few sentimental stories and create many more for years to come.

Pear Beet Fruit Leather//

Pear-Beet Fruit Leather: A snack you can take with you on any adventure—to the park down the street or a destination across the ocean.

Concord Grape Jelly and Juice//

Concord Grape Jelly and Juice: This is the flavor of childhood. The jelly is one half of the beloved PB&J sandwich. The juice is, as  Heidi Murphy writes, “the reminder of all things sweet and simple.”

Rainbow Cookies//

Rainbow Cookies: An alternative to frosting sugar cookies, this recipe bakes the color into the dough, resulting in vibrant blocks of color cut into festive shapes.

Ice Cream Cake//

Smitten Kitchen’s Ice Cream Cake: Do you remember those birthday parties where one of the parents announced the cake was, in fact, an ice cream cake, and everyone cheered? This two-in-one cake makes dessert time extra special.

S'mores Pizza//

S’mores Pizza: This recipe takes s’mores to a new level, inviting the whole family to get their hands on marshmallow-y goodness.

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