Five Mini Desserts for a Sweet Little Treat


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I have yet to master the art of keeping fresh produce in a household of one. Thankfully, there is always baking to the rescue. One particular afternoon, a bowl of shiny, red apples stared at me from the kitchen table, begging to be eaten before they were too far gone. I happened to have enough pie crust dough (thawing in the fridge) for something … even if it was something small.

I was able to bake three (two for me, and one for a close friend) apple galettes, shaped like mini envelopes with cinnamon-dusted fruit bursting from the inside. They may have been tiny, but the taste was mighty. Just one or two bites can show someone, including yourself, a little love and care.

Sometimes, mini is the best size when it comes to desserts. One tiny serving can make the most of a special ingredient, encourage a moment just for you, and create a little food gift love. Here are five recipes to get you on your mini way.

Meyer Lemon Mini Cannoli Cups//

Meyer Lemon Mini Cannoli Cups: This mini take on the classic Italian dessert packs a light, bright flavor in every bite.

Sweet Summer Tartlets//

Sweet Summer Tartlets: Showcase your favorite fruit on these petite desserts at your next food gathering and have your friends reaching for more.

Moscato Sabayon and Berries//

Moscato Sabayon and Berries: This treat will count as your daily dose of fruit. The wine will be our little secret.

Saffron Panna Cotta with Spiced Pecans//

Saffron Panna Cotta with Spiced Pecans: Sometimes all you want is the cream. For those moments, this is the perfect mini dessert.

Rustic Apple Custard Pies with Walnut Crust//

Rustic Apple Custard Pies with Walnut Crust: Mini jars are already adorable, so wait until you see them filled with apple pie. This recipe is super easy, and the results are irresistible.

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