Five Eye-Opening Ways to Take Coffee Beyond the Cup


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We’re all familiar with its rich and alluring aroma that puts an extra pep in our step, but did you know how incredible it is to cook or bake with coffee? I’m sure you do, since you’re all very savvy, but I was surprised by its versatility and power to add so much flavor to a dish. For instance, add just a little bit of espresso or coffee to chocolate and you get an entirely new level of chocolate-y goodness.

Through years of trying my favorite beverage in a myriad of ways, I have become a die-hard fan of coffee crossing the boundaries from morning drink to evening entree or decadent dessert.

Take, for instance, this Amaretto Tiramisu, which appears in Maggie’s cookbook, Food Gift Love. Its layers of cream, cookie, and liqueur would be nothing without the punch of dark and bitter coffee.

Along with this, I’ve collected a few more of my favorite ways to make coffee shine. And as an added bonus, you can have any of these for breakfast because, well, they can count as your morning cup o’ joe.


Chocolate Espresso Cake: Just three simple words come together to create a decadent and well-deserved (we all deserve it) dessert.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Smoothie //

Pumpkin Spice Latte Smoothie: Perfect for sharing, these fall-fabulous drinks make quite the perk for good friends.

Coffee Coconut Muffins //

Toasted Coconut Coffee Muffin: These unique breakfast treats might be the best part of waking up.


Affogato: Gelato plus espresso makes a mighty fine pick-me-up. Don’t believe me? You will.

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