Pie Day All Day Every Day


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I love any excuse to eat pie and I love learning through the use of food. Put the two together, and, well, it is really quite magical. Pi Day (3.14 or March 14) does just that and gives us a chance to play with math all the while enjoying a lovely slice of something sweet. What can be better than that? Even if it is just a made-up holiday, I don’t care. I am eating pie.

In honor of the holiday (and any day, really), I’ve gathered some of my favorite pie recipes that are sure to elevate your math skills (ok, it probably won’t affect your math skills, but it will make your day a whole lot happier). And for those baking their own pies, we’ve got three ways to top them to make them all your own.


Sweet Potato Pie: Revamped and Ridiculously Good: The name really says it all, but this pecan-crusted beauty could easily double as dinner and dessert. I mean, it’s technically made with vegetables, right?


Streusel-Topped Blueberry Pie: Part crumble and part pie, this dessert holds the very best of both worlds in every bite.


Spring Berry Pie: Made with strawberry and rhubarb, this gorgeous pie comes from the pages of Maggie’s cookbook, Food Gift Love.


Blueberry Pie with a Cornmeal Crust: Sometimes the fruit is the star, and sometimes the crust takes center stage. This pie works in harmony with both, as the cornmeal adds a lovely sweetness to the tart blueberries.


Cranberry Hand Pies: On-the-go pies, people! How brilliant is this? You can take pie with you wherever you go.


Blackberry Peach Pie: Peaches and blackberries were simply meant to be, especially when wrapped together in a delicate and delicious crust. Summer, here we come.

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