7 Green and Ridiculously-Great Recipes for a Lucky St. Patrick’s Day


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When I was little girl, as soon as shamrocks started appearing in the store I knew it wouldn’t be long until my mom would make her corned beef and cabbage. My good gracious, how I loved that meal she prepared to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. My brother and I would douse the meat and veggies in malt vinegar and pretend we were feasting in a faraway castle in Ireland. (It didn’t help that my brother’s name is also Patrick and therefore he always got to be King.)

I still find myself craving corned beef the moment spring begins to peek through the cold of winter, and I can’t wait for March 17. This year, however, I am going to do things slightly differently and create several other dishes that get in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day by evoking the color green.

I’ve rounded up 7 (my lucky number) green recipes that are sure to make this holiday a happy one. For starters, the Carrot Top Pesto (pictured above) goes swimmingly with a slice of homemade soda bread.


Pickled Brussels Sprouts: Bite-size versions of the vinegary cabbage I loved so much as a kid.


It Ain’t Easy Being Green Herby Aioli and Veggies: This platter is sure to wow at any St. Patty’s Day soiree.


Vegan Fried Rice: A vibrant dish that comes together effortlessly but impresses immensely.

Spicy Pickled Green Beans 5 //eatboutique.com

Quickest Spicy Pickled Green Beans: Even the best revelers need to stop for a snack, and these green beans do not disappoint.


Basilcello: Raise a glass to this special day with an herby, green drink.


A Light and Giftable Green Bean Casserole: Easy to transport to any holiday potluck, this charming dish is sure to be a hit.


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