Our Favorite Muffins for Late Winter Mornings



This is my ode to the humble muffin; that versatile and forgiving vessel of early morning sweetness, of cozy smells and simple batter, of a pile of crumbs beside your cup of tea.

If there’s ever a time to dust off your muffin tin, it’s in this fickle month of February. When it’s too early to dream of rhubarb pie and too late to bake sugar cookies, we New Englanders wait patiently for the days to lengthen, dreaming of bare feet in the fragrant grass, and filling our frosty kitchens with smells of cinnamon, oats, and butter. 

The muffin may lack the cupcake’s stylish flair, but when it really comes down to it, I’d always rather dip that perfect crumbly edge in my tea without the muss and fuss of frosting. These treats can be anything from decadent to downright healthy, and make a happy pick-me-up for anyone suffering the late-winter blues.

I’ve chosen 5 of my favorite muffins to cozy up to the season, plus instructions on how to wrap them for the ultimate heart (and snow) melting gift.

Coffee Cake Muffins //eatboutique.com

Coffee Cake MuffinsThese muffins walk the line between acceptable breakfast food and dessert, taking the best parts of coffee cake (the brown sugary crumble, the glaze, the cakey-ness) and consolidating them into muffin-sized portions. It’s a win-win-win.

Morning Muffins _ ED

Cranberry & Cocoa Nib Morning MuffinsThese wintery-morning treats combine the sweet tang of fresh (or frozen!) cranberries with the ever-so-bitter crunch of cocoa nibs. Wrap them up for a friend or neighbor, but make sure to save a few for yourself.

Coffee Coconut Muffins //eatboutique.com

Toasted Coconut Coffee MuffinsEveryone loves the smell of coffee, but when it mingles with the warm aroma of toasted coconut, it’s like a ray of tropical sun on a blustery-winter morning. What better way to start your day than a caffeine-infused treat?


Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut Muffins: This is what we call having your doughnut and eating your muffin, too. These puffy, sugar-rolled treats kill to cravings with one bite and are thoroughly worth getting out of bed for. 

Cranberry-Crumb-Muffins-1 //eatboutique.com

Cranberry Crumb MuffinsThese crumbly, streusel-y, cake-y cranberry muffins are everything we love about breakfast, winter, and dessert, all rolled into one. 

How To Wrap Muffins Eat Boutique //eatboutique.com

How to Gift Wrap Muffins and CupcakesDeliver your muffins with style in this oh-so-simple (and incredibly useful!) food gift box.

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