The Eat Boutique Holiday Market Video Just Released



The Eat Boutique Holiday Market was a dream. And not just because it brought together a group of ridiculously talented and creative people, turned a building that had stood vacant for 15 years into a winter wonderland, gave makers a temporary home to share their passions, or offered amazing events with cookbook authors, chefs, and food lovers.

No, it was a dream to me because I witnessed the vision of mad-genius Maggie Battista become a reality. I saw this lonely building transformed into a warm and stunning space (thanks to the design of Lyh-Ren Lam from Fivefork Farms, the carpentry skills of Christopher Knapp, the hand-lettering of Jenny Milwid from Infinite Series, and the hard work of Lindsay, Amy, Grace, Emma, Katherine, Meg, and Marisa) and then taken apart to return once again to a vacant building.

This all happened in one month. One month! I was certain it was a dream.

That is, until I saw proof that it was most certainly real. This exquisite video by Earl Studios captures the feel and fabulousness of the market and is the best pinch-me-I’m-not-dreaming evidence I have ever seen.

Thanks for watching! And special thanks to everyone who made the market possible, including:

Graffito SP

Harvard University

Le Parfait Jars


Bottle Green

Edible Boston


Tatte Bakery

Fivefork Farms

Boston Rustic Wedding Rentals

The City of Boston

And, especially, the league of volunteers (Karen, Shelby, Jennifer, Patty, Jacy, etc.) who donated their time and heart!

Video by Earl Studios for Eat Boutique

Eat Boutique was an award-winning shop and story-driven recipe site created by Maggie Battista – an author, business guide and alignment seeker. After hosting retail markets for 25,000+ guests, Maggie now supports entrepreneurs as they create values-based businesses through We Are Magic StudioFollow Maggie Battista on Instagram.