Sweet Baked Gifts : The 12 Days of Holiday Food Gifts



I was a picky eater when I was little. My family never minded, because it meant more of the good stuff for them! Like the Panettone we had every Christmas morning, wrapped in brown and gold paper and studded with orange and raisins. They’d tear off chunks of its shiny, arched top and spread each bite with butter, while I sat eating my fruit salad. Unfortunately for my family, I now understand the beauty of this richly-flavored treat, and eat my fair share on Christmas morning.

Beyond indulging in every treat possible on the breakfast table, I’ve also learned that the best gifts to give are those that can be shared and enjoyed. The holidays are, after all, the perfect time to practice the art of food gifting. From individually-wrapped mini pies to a warm skillet of eggnog cinnamon rolls tied with a bright red bow, baked sweets are sure to bring a smile to any host or hostess.

Scroll through the roundup below for our sweetest gifting ideas, and you never know—you might just find your new Christmas morning tradition!

Tune in tomorrow for food gift snacks, and check out our other food gift roundups – from chocolate to sugar and spice!

Christmas Chocolate Panettone: Fill your kitchen with the heavenly smells of nutmeg, orange, chocolate and almonds with this classic Italian brioche treat {from Eat In My Kitchen}

Blackberry Stout Mini Pies: Have your beer and eat it too with these rich, stout-laden mini pies {from The Beeroness}

Browned Butter Brownies: These nut-studded brownies are so decadent, you’d never know they’re made with coconut flour and sweetened with honey! {from Top With Cinnamon}

Eggnog Cinnamon Rolls: Everyones favorite breakfast pastry gets the holiday spirit treatment   {from A Beautiful Mess}

Holiday Butternut Bundt Cake with Crushed Cranberries & Apples:This light, gingery  bundt cake is flecked with apples, cranberries and toasted nuts. Goodbye heavy fruitcake, hello new holiday classic. {from Dolly and Oatmeal}

Rosemary Lemon Mousse Cake: Topped with candied rosemary and bright red holly berries, these gorgeous little cakes are in the running for Cutest Holiday Dessert {from Woodland Keep}

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