Fermented Foods : The Twelve Days of Holiday Food Gifts



Fermented things aren’t the first thing I think of for the holidays. Yet there are so many delicious ways to incorporate these probiotic rich, flavorful sauces, toppings, and sides into your holiday routine. {lead image of Homemade Kimchi from Two Red Bowls}

When I think of fermented food, I am whisked back to childhood and the giant ceramic crock of homegrown sauerkraut that my father tended to all autumn, as attentively as he did his delicate green seedlings in spring. Our friends and neighbors coveted those quart jars full of sour, crunchy cabbage, some gobbling the contents in just a few days, others vowing to save the kraut for topping their burgers and dogs at far-off summer barbeques.

Fermented foods stay fresh and tasty for many months, making them wonderfully easy holiday gifts. Consider gifting a jar full of sauerkraut to your buddy who loves to grill, a carafe of seasonal kombucha to your pal who specializes in cocktail experimentation, and a pretty bottle of sriracha to all your spice-loving adventurous friends. But of course, don’t forget to save some for yourself, you wild gift-giving thing you.

Tomorrow is all about chocolate – don’t miss it!

Homemade Sriracha: Sriracha lovers, look no further. You’ll want to put this on EVERYTHING! {from Reclaiming Provincial}

Homemade Sauerkraut: Potted in a cute crock, sauerkraut makes the perfect food gift love, dontcha think? {from The Healthy Foodie}

Cranberry Cinnamon Kombucha: Fruity, bubbly, and slightly sour, the flavor combinations and uses for kombucha are endless. {from Stupid Easy Paleo}

Homemade Worcestershire Sauce: Why buy it when making your own can be this easy and delicious? {from Simply Scratch}

Homemade Mak (“Easy”) Kimchi: Try this brilliant red concoction as an accompaniment to your morning eggs. {from Two Red Bowls}

Preserved Lemons: Add a sunny zing to your sauces, dressings, and dips all winter long (these guys keep as long as 6 months in your fridge!) {from Eat Boutique}

Spicy Lacto-Fermented Carrots: The beautiful hue and zippy flavor of these carrots brighten any holiday meal. {from With Food And Love}

Eat Boutique Holiday Market: We’ll have all sorts of pickled, fermented, and sour foods at our physical pop-up market in Boston. Visit us for food gifts galore!


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