Pickles: The 12 Days of Holiday Food Gifts



This is a call out to home cooks who have spent humid, wallpaper-peeling-hot summer days slaving over a stove, plunging hundreds of jars of pickles into the bubbling cauldron of a water bath canner, because, well, that’s when cucumbers are in season! Sound horribly familiar?

Don’t get me wrong, I love canning; I find the process therapeutic and find great satisfaction in those tightly sealed, rainbow jars lining my pantry shelves. But isn’t it just awful that the majority of our canning and pickling needs to be done in the dead heat of the summer?!

Fortunately it’s a bit cooler now, and there are a few tricks to acquiring that crunch we crave, like quick pickling and being creative with out ingredients. Here’s a lineup of creative, cold weather pickles that highlight ingredients easily found this time of year. Assemble everything in a jar, let the vinegar do its magic for a few days, and pair with your holiday feasts.

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Pickled Ginger: Give friends a jar of these unique pickles along with a sushi recipe and rolling mat for an awesome DIY kitchen gift! {from My Darling Lemon Thyme}

Pickled Cauliflower: A new take on sweet bread and butter pickles. {from Recipe Girl}

Pickled Mustard Seeds: Place a little dish of these zippy seeds alongside the charcuterie board at your next holiday gathering, and watch guests dig in! {from Our Daily Brine}

Pickled Grapes: The perfect combination of sour and sweet. {from Not Without Salt}

All-Purpose Quick Pickle Brine: No room in the fridge for holiday leftovers? Here’s an easy idea for putting to use any extra veggies kicking around the crisper. {from Eat Boutique}

Quick Pickled Cabbage: Crazify lunches by topping your leftover turkey sandwiches with this hot pink concoction. {from Edible Perspective}

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MAKER GIFT COLLECTION: For the pickle enthusiast, gift our Pernicious Pickling Co. Collection.


Lead photo taken and styled by Heidi Murphy/White Loft Studio.

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