Get a Free Copy of Food Gift Love & Become a Cookbook Launch Committee Member



A cookbook isn’t really a cookbook until someone holds it, cooks from it, or compares recipe successes with friends who also hold the same book. Though the publishing date for Food Gift Love is October 13th, it’s not really out into the world until YOU cook from it and share food gifts with YOUR world. To get there, to get to that place where everyone is making and receiving food gifts from Food Gift Love, I need your help way in advance (like very soon!).

I’m creating a committee devoted to spreading the word about Food Gift Love. Launch committee members will come up with creative ways to share Food Gift Love and work together (and with me) to bring them to life. This may include writing a blog post, setting up a meet-up with me (if I’m coming to your town), hosting your own Food Gift Love party, or whatever you think might be the best way to get the word out with your social circle.

Can you help spread the Food Gift Love? Those who are chosen will receive a free copy of the cookbook (YAY!) and a food gift starter kit, as well as my eternal gratitude. (You’ll probably also get a great big hug if/when we meet in person because that’s just me.)

Think you have what it takes to be a Launch Committee Member? Get all the details and apply here.

As always, thank you for your continued support and willingness to help and, well, just everything!


Photos taken by Heidi Murphy/White Loft Studio.

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