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I’m a steadfast sucker for nostalgia. I know I owe this to my parents — one a devotee to the sentimental and the other stuck squarely in the present, always, which was sometimes a bit of a downer. Those dueling outlooks somehow created an ever-optimist who, by nature, gets a bit wistful before getting on with it, so bear with me!

First, I want to welcome you to the new Eat Boutique. I’m proud to share this spiffed-up new website and brand that’s been months in the making but really brewing in my head (and my kitchen) for years. Even as I huddle in cafes, travel and spend time cooking or eating, my priority has always been launching the new Eat Boutique and I’m so glad it’s finally time to share. Before I explain some of the new features, I’m gonna get a little hearts and flowers for just a moment.

Since 2007, Eat Boutique has been a space where I’ve shared all sorts of bits, bobs, and fairly intimate blog posts, like accounts of my kitchen remodel, why I gift food, and scary grown-up moments; love letters to my favorite foods (gushy love letters are my thing) and interviews with my favorite food makers, many of whom I call “friends”; tips, tricks and fears while building a food business; and, most recently, insight into writing a cookbook of favorite food gifts.

Over the years, I’ve tried to find some balance between publishing personal stories and recipes while also offering my favorite finds from some of the best makers and producers in the universe. That won’t change, but it’s time to grow up. Writing Food Gift Love has helped clarify my personal mission to treat food like the gift that it is and, Eat Boutique is coming into its own as a food gift resource and story-driven shop for crafty cooks and DIY food fans.

I will continue to share very sincere, visually-rich stories and regular columns, written by myself and some of the best people (really). I’ll make sure the stories are focused on treating food like a gift, whether you want to make something delicious from scratch right now for your family or you want to send food gifts made by incredible food makers and producers to friends or colleagues across the country. It’s going to stay personal, too, because food gifts generally are, right? (That’s my personal stash of leftover ribbon and string, ready for a last-minute gift…)


Let’s talk a little bit about the site:

The SHOP is half of the heart of this site and is filled with popular standbys and new gift collections, with more gift sets launching over the summer and fall.

The COOK section is the other half of the heart in which I’ve now organized all recipes by Dish Type, Ingredient, Gift Type, and Season. Our regular columns are in there, too. By the way, you can now print (new) recipes neatly, thank goodness. (All old recipes will be printable soon.)

The VISIT section is home to all our great culinary travel content, and you can view it by People (Authors, Chefs, Makers, Restaurateurs, and Retailers) and by Places (Asia, Australia, Europe, and USA).

The STYLE section is where you’ll find stories related to the home, the garden, the kitchen, and parties. It’s a new section to play host to new pieces over the coming months.

Lastly, I hope you’ll get a chance to explore our new COOKBOOK section and even pre-order the cookbook this summer, so you’ll get your copy the moment it releases on October 13, 2015. It’s sort of a treat to see something you’ve worked so hard on for two-plus years finally on new release lists across the internets. It’s also kind of strange to plan a small tour filled with book-signing events, workshops, and meet-ups. Strange, in a good way. (The EVENTS schedule will update as everything firms up.)

Folks, interested parties, and readers like you ask me whether we’ll do more in-real-life stuff all the time. I say, there’s nothing that makes me happier than being in the same space with all of you, exchanging great recipes, eating good bites, and helping you discover new food that’s delicious, beautiful, and even good for you. So expect more news on that front soon, okay?

I’m super grateful to everyone who’s played a role in bringing this site to life, and I hope this new design will make it easier to find the perfect recipe for every occasion. If I can ever do anything for you, just let me know.

Now, it’s time to go Eat Boutique…!

(Many of the images in the lead montage were taken by me during my travels. If you’d like to know about any one in particular, leave a comment and I’ll post all the details! xox)

Photos taken and styled by Maggie Battista and Heidi Murphy/White Loft Studio.

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