In Maggie’s Kitchen: My Sourdough Adventures, Life-Changing Pancakes, and a Dream Trip to Ireland


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I call today let’s-get-this-stuff-done Monday.

My schedule is packed but I’m just glad to be able to tackle it on this almost 60 degree day in New England (downright balmy). I want to tell you everything but will settle on sharing a bunch of juicy tidbits:

Let’s Go to Ireland: In less than two weeks, I’ll be traipsing about the emerald isle. This is a dream trip; I have no idea why I’ve wanted to go since childhood but I suppose it’s fortunate that I married an Irishman. We’re going to see all the things and eat all the foods and meet up with family and then make a stop at Ballymaloe Lit Fest. My heart is bursting with gratitude for this long break.

Nut, Quinoa & Chocolate Bars: This recipe from the Green Kitchen Stories team is just beautiful, much like the rest of their site and their cookbooks. Make sure to gaze at the video that will make you forget it’s Monday, for just a few minutes.

In Maggie's Kitchen 5 :: Eat Boutique

Photo Shoot: It’s photo shoot week! I’m prepping and photographing a bunch of recipes for a magazine. It’s sort of delightful and excruciating to be styling an Autumn set already – you know, it’s barely Spring. But these food gift recipes are sweet, savory, tart and super bright. (I’m listening to Julia Turshen talk about her food career to get me going.)

Boston Food Rocks: Nowadays, I spend my time in my kitchen and I’m also a big fan of these lovely restaurants: Loyal Nine, Tatte Bakery, La Brasa and Mei Mei. (just sharing!)

Baking Sourdough: I decided that if I want to eat bread that it’s good for me, well, I better bake it myself. I picked up a sourdough starter from this little shop and have been nurturing Jeremiah, Lulu, Adelaide and Boomer – because, of course, they have names and, of course, I’ve played around with time on counter and time in fridge and feeding schedule to get my personal preference for tangy taste and now I have four little starters. I made sourdough pizza and sourdough pancakes over the weekend. And late last night in the night kitchen, I baked off two loaves of sourdough bread. Bread is magic.

In Maggie's Kitchen 2 :: Eat Boutique

Sourdough Pancakes: If you already have a sourdough starter hanging around, try these Sourdough Pancakes. They totally changed my weekend pancake game producing a puff that’s tangy from the sourdough, fresh from the lemon zest and super fluffy. I like to say they changed my (Sunday) life.

My Life in Sourdough: Before I dig into my day, I want to tell you about Marie Constantinesco’s beautiful video series. Each one comes with a food storyline and a life-changing tip. She’s a filmmaker, photographer and the French girl star of her videos. Be prepared to have some time because you’ll want to watch every single video.

Enjoy this week, friends.

In Maggie's Kitchen 3 :: Eat Boutique

Photos taken and styled by Maggie Battista.

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