5 Little Luxuries for Your Spring Kitchen



3 Little Luxuries for Spring Eat Boutique 3

Hello, ladies and gents. I am feeling like the thick of spring is just waiting for all of us around the next bend. In another few weekends, we’ll hear way more birds chirping, we’ll see the beginning of little blossoms popping up, and we’ll feel the urgency to dig our hands in the dirt or into a lovely homemade salad overflowing with tiny greens, snow pea pods and early herbs like dill or cilantro buds.

To prepare for spring, I fill my kitchen with a few little luxuries to dress things up and celebrate the newness of it all. Each season, I’ll preview my favorites right here for you, because, you should have some or all of these things in your little hands, like, right now.


For spring, I can’t get enough of the Lemon Bird Maraschino Cocktail Cherries (pictured above). Don’t let their darling size or golden color fool you, they’re sweet and strong. I plop a few into my Old Fashioned or garnish a glass of bubbly with a single fruit, the reward at the bottom of the glass. Lemon Bird does everything the French way – 100% handmade, in smaller batches and in big copper kettles. I just love that. Order your cherries in time for spring.

3 Little Luxuries for Spring Eat Boutique 2


Made with orange blossom honey and tart hibiscus flowers, Morris Kitchen’s Grapefruit Hibiscus Cocktail Mixer is a fixture in my fridge come weekend visits. I splash a tablespoon into club soda for a special kids-style soda, add the same amount to sparkling wine to perk it up even more so (the bubbles love the grapefruit juice) and this mixer is so pleasant with bourbon, for sure. It’s a hefty bottle that will last a while, unless you drink it every single night, which is fine by me. Order your mixer in time for spring.

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One of my favorite herbs in the entire universe is geranium: it’s unmistakably heady and smells like an overflowing garden. I’m planning to pick up a jar of Quitokeeto’s Rose Geranium Herbs to infuse into simple syrup (for spring drinks), create baking sugar (for sugar cookies), or to simply infuse into some whipped cream for my next dessert. I imagine these herbs would be wonderful crushed and sprinkled over some melon or raspberries, too. Order your herbs in time for spring.

3 Little Luxuries for Spring Eat Boutique 1


I know I know, you make your own chocolate chip cookies. I trust yours are pretty good, but listen to me when I say that these are pretty amazing. I’ve tasted about 47 different kinds of chocolate chip cookie mixes over my 5+ years in this food business and Not Without Salt Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie Kit takes the cake (or the cookie!) I swear, everyone who tastes these cookies can’t understand why they’re so good. I am sure it’s the love my friend Ashley puts into each kit. I always keep a tube on hand to gift to a friend who needs freshly baked cookies and their stop-your-heart aroma drifting everywhere. It’s a genius gourmet lift that leaves all bad moods behind, promise. Order your cookie mix in time for spring.

Little Luxuries for Spring Eat Boutique 5


I am a big fan of using my own hand-writing for everything. I took hand-writing lessons all through elementary school and teachers strongly encouraged us to practice, practice, practice. Sometimes, I write the same thing over and over again — like food gift love — such that it just made sense to get a stamp made. Every kitchen should have a little luxury like this, a homemade stamp made from your hand-writing with words you love. A Paper Sushi Custom Rubber Stamp just makes so much sense. If you’re not sure what your stamp should say, here are some ideas: Thank You, You’re a Star, Merci, or You are Loved (because, you are). Order your custom stamp in time for spring.

If you like these types of posts, let me know. I really appreciate the comments, suggestions and encouragement! xox

Photos taken and styled by Heidi Murphy/White Loft Studio; the Rose Geranium appears courtesy Quitokeeto and the Paper Sushi Custom Rubber Stamp appears courtesy Paper Sushi.

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