In Maggie’s Kitchen: New York City, Naturally-Sweetened Recipes and My New Favorite Salad


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In Maggie's Kitchen - Food Gift Love 1 :: Eat Boutique

Hello and happy March to you,

If you’re in New England, you’re likely waking up to a fresh coat of snow; my condolences. If you’re not in New England, may I come visit you, please? I’m definitely ready for some warmer weather asap. However, I’m also excited about all this stuff:

New York, New York: I miss New York City all the time. Growing up 20 minutes outside the city, my family drove into town whenever we were in an adventurous mood. I’m going into “town” for two days this week to meet with my publisher, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and for an interview with my friend Kara Rota of the Clever Cookstr podcast. I’ll also finally dine at two spots on my wish list: Navy and ABC Kitchen. It’s going to be spring-like down there, so for images of one of the best cities on the planet, follow me on Instagram.

In Maggie's Kitchen - Food Gift Love 3 :: Eat Boutique

Kale Power Salad: I made this salad by my friend Megan Gordon last week. I didn’t get it exactly right because my fridge was running fairly low, but you should make it with whatever you have laying around… and that dressing. That dressing! I made the sunflower crumble previously when I tried Sarah Britton’s Deluxe Butternut Macaroni ‘n Tease and think this salad suits it beautifully, maybe even better.

Great, Big Food Life News: I have some great big food life news to finally share with you. Look out for a story on Wednesday where I’ll reveal my big secret.

In Maggie's Kitchen - Food Gift Love 2 :: Eat Boutique

Blood Orange & Chia Jam, and Pancakes: I am a jam-making queen during most times of the year, when the harvest is serious and abundant. Since I’ve been eating sugar-free lately, I experimented with these Coconut-Quinoa Pancakes with Quick Citrus & Chia Jam, and I am hooked. I won’t be processing jars and jars of the stuff for my food gift pantry just yet, but it’s a great quick fix to scratch that preserve itch. The pancakes are pretty great, too.

Weekend Love Note: Did you know that I write a weekly love note? It’s filled with 8 to 10 hidden-gem recipe and food gift links from across the food Web, and I send it every Saturday morning, just in time to inspire a little weekend time in the kitchen. I actually look forward to writing it; it’s almost like catching up with super good friends. To get it, just subscribe in the right hand column of this site. I hope to tell you how to make this food gift below in a weekend love note very soon!

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Protein Bars: Concerning my trip to New York City, I am obviously packing snacks to get me through all my meetings, my constant gazing up at all my favorite buildings, and plenty of city traipsing. No worries, I made these Protein Bars from this darling Irish duo. They’re sweet but sugar-free, and packed with seeds to get me through the really, truly busy days. Here’s the print version of the recipe. I used unsweetened coconut, replaced the goji berries with finely diced dried apricots, and then I won the whole Protein Bar situation. Yum.

Eat Boutique at Anthropologie: We’re going to cart some of our delicious inventory over to the Anthropologie Spring Market on March 14th in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Come shop our food gift line from 10am to 2pm. By then, we’ll be celebrating Spring, I’m absolutely positive. See you then!


Maggie xox


Photos taken and styled by Maggie Battista.

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