In Maggie’s Kitchen: Morning Polenta Porridge, a Cookbook Update and Spring Events You Don’t Want to Miss


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In Maggie's Kitchen 2 :: Eat Boutique

Happy Monday, my friends,

Let’s enjoy this last week of February, and talk mostly foodstuff and a little bit of other stuff.

Cookbook Update: I’m having so much fun finishing up this cookbook, and while I know the release date is more than six months away, I know it will be here super quick. I’m just now planning a cookbook tour, partnerships and classes for the fall and the winter. If you know a venue perfect for my dance card, please let me know and I’ll do my best to make it happen.

Polenta Porridge: I am a huge fan of a bowl of oatmeal and I really enjoy this Seriously Super Cereal, but I made polenta for breakfast this past weekend and don’t see how I can ever look back. Here’s the trick: soak the polenta overnight. That simple soak will reduce your cooking time by more than half, and you’ll whip up a bowl of the stuff in less than 10 minutes. Top it with whatever feels good to you, but I prefer cashew milk, banana, blueberry, pecans, chia and sesame seeds.

New Year, New You: We’re seven weeks into 2015 and I’m feeling absolutely wonderful. I’m still on track with some modifications to my everyday food life and have continued to add amazing recipes to my New Year, New You board, including these few that I’ve taste-tested personally and heartily endorse: Broiled Grapefruit, Sauteed Dates, Quinoa Pizza, Carob Almond Freezer Fudge, Roasted Root Veggie Fajitas and Junk Food Smoothies.

In Maggie's Kitchen / Eat Boutique

Three of My Favorite Things: What do Anthropologie, Madewell and West Elm all have in common? They’re pretty huge and very cool brands that make all the things I want to buy. Oh, and I’m working on events with each of them for the spring! The Anthropologie event is a open to the public and a pure celebration of spring on Saturday, March 14. The Madewell event is a private, after-hours session to preview all things spring on Sunday, March 22 — you’ll get an invite, don’t worry. And, I’m so excited to host a food gift class and pop-up boutique with West Elm (Fenway) on Saturday, April 18. More details on all these get-togethers soon, promise.

Chocolate Olive Oil Cake: The very first moment I have a need for a cake, I’m making this one. I always forget that Nigella has some wonderful flour-free cake recipes and this one looks effortless. I’d replace the cocoa powder with raw cacao powder and the caster sugar with coconut sugar, but I bet those simple substitutes would work, well. And that ganache!

I miss you all already. Spring can’t come soon enough!


Maggie xox

In Maggie's Kitchen / Eat Boutique

Photos taken and styled by Maggie Battista.

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