DIY Gift Wrap and Love Letters for Valentine’s Day or Any Day


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DIY Gift Wrap and Love Letters ::

If you’ve been to my home, you know that this Food Gift Love thing is no joke. I live it, quite naturally. However, I didn’t realize it was the making of a cookbook until I started storing everything in a single place in my home. Before, bits and bobs were floating all around, sometimes, never, ever to be used. That’s a shame, because gift wrap is always on my mind (check out my gift wrapping board).

Now, I have a Food Gift Love pantry filled with all my food gifts and some quick gift wrap options, as well as another closet filled with anything and everything to wrap a gift. You name it, I have it. There are boxes and bins filled with pencils, papers, tapes and twines of all styles. There’s one bin entirely dedicated to just bags, and a small wooden box filled with stamps and stamp pads. My largest bin is a mash-up of vintage style tools and novelties that I’ve picked up through my travels, at the ready for me to pick at when decorating a special gift.

I’m not a hoarder, I promise. If I don’t love it, I don’t have it. And that’s exactly how I feel about gift wrapping paper.

DIY Gift Wrap and Love Letters 2 ::

DIY Gift Wrap

Store-bought gift wrapping paper can be beautiful, but it isn’t always. Sometimes it’s too shiny or too bright or too loud or simply designed for a very specific occasion that only happens once a year. What a waste, I say. I own a few universally beautiful and simple rolls, of course, but I generally prefer to keep plain craft paper and white paper on hand, just waiting for a creative session to personalize it.

Sometimes I stamp them and sometimes I just take marker to paper and write from the heart. These love-ly gift wrap designs are pretty easy; just stamp them with whatever you want, whenever you want. For this Valentine’s Day, I used white and neon pink stamp pads, because, well, you gotta do what you gotta do for your valentine. I also broke out my pinkest shades of markers and started scribbling.

A few bits of advice:

  1. Make sure to let everything dry over night before rolling your paper for storage or cutting and taping for your gift; some stamps are super wet and can take 12 to 24 hours to dry.
  2. Don’t work directly on a nice table as the ink may leak through; spread a few bits of newspaper on top for protection.
  3. Gift wrap can be the gift. If you roll homemade gift wrapping paper up and tie it with twine, well, that’s just so pretty as is. Or do what I did and wrap up a box of chocolates for your best friend.

DIY Gift Wrap and Love Letters 4 ::

DIY Love Letters

Store-bought cards are really beautiful right now; the universe is most definitely gifting the world with the very best hand-lettering and letterpress artists. We work with two of the very best. But sometimes I want to just write a little love note in my own hand, on some nice paper, and tie it up with leather twine or pretty hemp string.

Next time you need to write a love hint (um, like soon), try punching a whole through the top of the note, threading through some string and tying up the rolled note in the style of a scroll from way back when. It’s a little silly and fun but, then again, so is this whole holiday. A length of pretty string will fancy it up just enough to show you actually took the time and care to pull it altogether. And, isn’t that so sweet of you?!

I’ll wrap your food gifts in pretty tissue and craft bags at our Valentine’s Day Pop-Up this weekend. See you soon, love.


DIY projects designed by Maggie Battista. Photos styled and taken by Heidi Murphy/White Loft Studio. The last two images were styled and taken by Maggie Battista.

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