In Maggie’s Kitchen: Green Eating, Chinese Dumplings, Our First Pop-Up of 2015, and New Care Packages for Valentine’s




Hey there,

It’s back-to-business-Monday, folks, but before you lose yourself in that new work project, let’s talk foodstuff. You know, the sort of talk that reminds you that your job is great but the real you comes to life in the kitchen. Right? Right.

Homemade Chicken Stock: In case you missed this new recipe, I gift Homemade Chicken Stock all winter long. It’s practical, pretty and one of those food gifts people never realize they need until you gift it to them. There are a thousand uses for  stock, like making a quick nourishing soup with thinly-sliced, fresh vegetables. This recipe and gift wrap is the sort of natural food gift you’ll see in my cookbook, Food Gift Love.


Authentic Chinese Dumplings: I made a vegan-like feast for some lady-friends last week. These dumplings were the star of the multi-course meal. I filled mine with cabbage and shrimp (to be a bit fancy) but you can use ground pork or all vegetables. The recipe is easy; the wrapping and pinching takes a little effort, but it’ll sure feel good once you freeze them all for future feasts.

Lean and Green: If you’ve been following along, you may know I rebooted my food life this month. I’m a huge fan of this plant-powered Lean and Green Program. It’s restored my faith in whole foods, reduced inflammation in my joints and given me a lot more control over what I eat. I also added 100+ new recipes to my cooking repertoire. I’m sticking with it in February. Thanks, Sherrie!


Valentine’s Day: I can’t deny that I’m a big fan of February. My birthday and Valentine’s Day are two big reasons. Another two? I created two care packages that I’ll ship for you right now. They’re a mash-up of my favorite new food discoveries and even include some boutique-style, food-based beauty products. Peppermint lip balm, anyone? Grapefruit and coffee scrub? Yep, the aroma will perk up every morning. Send a care package now. (Order by February 5th for west coast delivery.)

My New Cereal: During the week, I whiz up smoothies for breakfast. Smoothies come together quickly and give me a few minutes to be kinda creative first thing in the morning, which sort of revs me up for the day. On the weekends, I take a little longer to bring together this Seriously Super Cereal. A little goes a long way and the chewiness satisfies some texture craving. It’s total comfort food with a little milk, nuts, fresh mango or banana, and whatever sweetener you love.


Our First Pop-Up of 2015: For those of you in New England, we’re hosting a Valentine’s Day Pop-Up Shop on February 13, 14 and 15. The sweet folks of the brand-new Forge Baking Company in Somerville, Massachusetts have kindly let us set up shop in the front of their 5,000-sq-ft bakery. Friends, this bakery is just beautiful and their baked treats and coffee drinks will melt the snowy-blues away. We’ll be there from 10AM-4PM with brand new sweet and savory food gifts, including a fresh batch of passion fruit curd, so get yourself there!

Meet you in the kitchen this weekend. See you, loves!

Maggie xox


Lead photograph taken by Maggie Battista; second photograph by Jill Chen; all other photographs taken by Heidi Murphy/White Loft Studio.

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