Maggie’s Kitchen Memo: Ireland, Chocolate, Clementine Recipes, and Life-Changing Crackers




Hello friends,

Don’t you just love that it’s 2015!? Sometimes, I need a good excuse to start fresh and that’s just what I’m doing right this very moment, while gobbling down a thick slice of this coffee cake from a friend. I’m going to keep today’s memo short and jam-packed with links for your new year.

Ireland 2015: On New Year’s Day, we decided to book two weeks in Ireland. You may know that I’ve been trying to get to Ireland for the last few years, and something has always gotten in the way. Gosh, it’s been at the top of my travel wish list since I was a kid. Since my husband got his citizenship last year, we’ve been trying to plan a trip and on January 1st, we just pressed “submit” on the airline tickets. Now I’m busy finding apartments, restaurants and views that have to be seen to be believed over there. I’m tracking it all on my Ireland May 2015 board. Should you press “submit” on some place beautiful too?

Unlikely Food Combinations: Forget the detox. Let’s just focus on eating in moderation and trying some new food combinations. This Roasted Grape and Olive Crostini looks and sounds pretty wonderful. And you must try the Life-Changing Crackers because they are indeed life-changing. I love how you can make them with basically any combo of seeds, you know, your way. And I may have figured out a way to get more salads into our lives: Apple Chipotle Vinaigrette. Warm rice pudding and tart apples just make sense in Molly’s Warm Rice Pudding with Caramelized Apples. You know what else is unlikely? A Hawaiian chocolate made in Somerville, Massachusetts. Get yourself one of these new bars in our shop.


Recipes for Clementines: I have the neverending bowl of clementines for which I must find uses beyond just peeling and eating. These recipes are on my list: Clementine Pound Cake, Clementine Jelly, Clementine Upside Down Cakes, and Candied Clementines. I put away five jars of the Candied Clementines last week and I am pretty certain that there’s a future sponge cake that will pair nicely with them.

New Year, New You: I’ve loaded up my New Year, New You board with unique pins (Blood Orange Meringue, please!) and DIY-style recipes to try right now like Homemade Yogurt in a Crock Pot and 15-Minute Puff Pastry. There’s also Pesto Ravioli and Cheesecake Cups, a tangy dessert that pleased all the folks around my holiday table.

Food Gift Love: I can’t believe that I’ll hold my cookbook come October of this year. I’ve been working on it since 2013. It’s still a dream to think that I got to write and design a cookbook with the awesome folks at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. I’m starting some Food Gift Love cookbook tour planning. Should I come to your city next Fall? Let me know. Maybe I’ll bring you a slice of my Homemade Shallot, Lemon and Thyme Focaccia…

Until next time!

Maggie xox

PS. Don’t forget to see the recipe we launched today: Warm Rice Pudding with Caramelized Apples — for the win, most definitely.


Photos styled and taken by Maggie Battista.

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