Tatte Bakery: The Life and Loves of a Professional Baker


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Tzurit Or changes people’s lives with simply an oven and a great deal of creativity. It’s true. She weaves magic into her incredibly flaky pastry, coaxes depths of flavor from a simple ingredient, and alters your dessert perceptions with just one bite. She has long been one of our favorite people and owns one of our all-time favorite bakeries, Tatte Bakey & Cafe (Maggie has been known to spend many hours hatching Eat Boutique plans over gorgeous dishes). Tzurit has been baking since her early days in Israel and incorporates many of these flavors and techniques into her dynamic menu. She now has four locations in Boston, offers baking classes (trust me, you want to learn from this lady), and sells items online at Williams Sonoma (see below for some of our favorite tarts). Tzurit was kind enough to share with us what it’s like to be a professional baker and what makes her so very special. ~Kate

Why do you make food? What makes you get up early or stay up late to do what is generally considered to be some of the hardest work out there?

I LOVE food. I live, breathe, think, dream, wonder, and plan my life for food. That is my big excitement in life. It fills my heart, my soul; it keeps me going and makes me happy. The endless creations, the creativity; touching, smelling, tasting and testing; and the rewarding results. I live for it.


What’s been the greatest struggle in becoming a professional baker?

Translating my baking brain and the way I think for the American crowd and my pastry chefs and bakers. I think differently, so I want them to think differently. I think we did it!

And bringing Halva, dates, pistachio, nuts and rectangular tarts to America!

What dish makes your food shine?

Everything we make with fruits and nuts. In my baking I always let the ingredient shine. I keep them in their original shape. I create with what I have and honestly shape them to bring out the best in “them” and my product. Pear tart, pear tatin, mixed nut tart and the list goes on…

fruit box

What do you eat when no one is looking?

A beautiful (with the stem) slice of pear tart with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream or half of a baguette with salted butter. And I cannot share any of those.

What’s the best homemade food gift you’ve ever received?

A package from a Napa Valley woman that included her homemade honey, her own salted butter, and her friend’s homemade baguette. She hugged me with this gift, and I hugged her back.


Tell us about your prize kitchen tool.

Rolling pin! When I start to bake we didn’t have a dough sheeter. Every baker that works with me, I teach how to use a rolling pin, how to roll the right way, and how to create without machines.

And a good mixer – one for dough, one for cream!

Share a little tip to inspire a home cook, to help them save time in the kitchen or to motivate them to take their cooking or food gifting to the next level.

Learn each ingredient and its effect on other ingredients, that way you can create your own recipes, create nice shortcuts for yourself or know just by looking at a recipe if it needs adjustments, or if it’s not worth your time or going to be lovely!

Be very focused and always, always follow your heart. It would never work otherwise. Baking is too hard, so you have to really love and appreciate it.

Open your mind to other cultures and let the raw ingredients shine. Keep them whole.

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4 Favorite Food Gifts from Tatte

Even those who don’t live in the Boston area can enjoy Tatte’s delightful baked goods. Thanks to Williams Sonoma, you can order online and have them shipped directly to you. Here are a few of our favorites (all are available gluten-free) that are sure to become yours as well.

  • Pear Tart: Amaretto and rum filling are topped with gorgeous Bosc pears — with the stems on, just like Tzurit loves as her guilty pleasure. Fruit-lovers, get ready to swoon.
  • Belgian Chocolate Tart: This is the dessert for a true chocolate fiend. Rich, decadent chocolate is baked in a perfectly buttery tart shell and topped with a velvety ganache.
  • Mixed Nut Tart: What could be more perfect for the nut lover in your life than pistachios, cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts, and pecans lovingly coated in a handmade caramel?
  • Petite Tart Assortment: Can’t decide on just one? You don’t have to! You can try the Pear, Belgian Chocolate, and Mixed Nut, as well as Plum, Apple, and Almond. Six small tarts to give you a true taste of baking genius.

Photos courtesy of Tatte Bakery.

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