Favorite Cocktails and the Holiday Drinks Collection


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Our Holiday Drinks Collection inevitably sell out each year – can you possibly imagine why?! I suspect it’s because we all have excellent taste, and know that an excellent cocktail is the secret to a great party. Lucky for us, our latest and greatest Holiday Drinks Collection just launched in time to kick off the season’s festivities.

Filled with Morris Kitchen and Quince & Apple drink syrups, crafty striped straws, Maggie’s favorite recipe for a Blackberry Moscow Mule, and two stunning enamelware tumblers, this gift is worthy of its own celebration. Just add the booze – I think we can all toast to that.

If the uniquely flavored drink syrups don’t have your mind racing with drink possibilities, here are some of our favorite cocktails for the holidays. Get mixing!


Easy peasy lemon… cocktail! Denise dreamed up the perfect Preserved Lemon Margarita using, you guessed it, Morris Kitchen Preserved Lemon Syrup.


This Just Add Tequila Margherita is a simple as it gets. Drink syrup + tequila + salt = heaven!


Matthew’s cheerful and citrus-y Grapefruit Fizz is a winter treat, and the color would be gorgeous against the white enamelware tumblers.


Maggie’s Pear Rum Blush positively demands to be drank out of a tall glass, with a fanciful stripped straw.


Ginger Cocktails are simple as can be, especially when you use ginger syrup (in the giftbox!) and a sprig of fresh thyme.


Warm up with this cozy Apple Orange Hot Toddy. Denise makers her own apple syrup, but you could easily mix it up with a syrup from Morris Kitchen or Quince & Apple.

Photos taken and styled by Jennifer Menery, Matthew Petrelis, Heidi Murphy/White Loft Studio, and Denise Woodward.

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