Maggie’s Kitchen Memo: Fall Cookbooks and Sunday Lunch




Happy (fall) Monday,

I know everyone’s back to work today but I’d love to provide a little distraction by talking food and drink. And since my amazing team — Amy and Kate — expressly asked me to share more frequently — how I can refuse?! — here’s what’s going on in my world:

Sunday lunch: I had lunch on Sunday. It was a Sunday lunch kind of day. My husband and I split a single steak (just sea salt and black pepper) between us and served it alongside a big sauté pan of Spicy Sesame Greens. While the steak set aside for a rest, I added the sesame oil and my (lacto-fermented) chili sauce to the pan, a pan that glimmered with its streaky leftover fat. Right on top, I piled handfuls of arugula and a cool Asian-style green, both from Clark Farm. It took minutes to make but we lingered for an hour over that easy meal. I want to try to make Sunday lunch my thing. Do you make Sunday lunch?  [Side note: You can make these greens with any unsweetened chili sauce.]


Home brewing: We worked for that Sunday lunch. It’s kind of wonderful that my husband has taken up an interest in home brewing. He educates me and challenges himself to recreate beers we love, and I’m finding that some of this cooking and food gifting thing I do translates well to beer making. For example, we bottled his latest creation and as I hand-capped each bottle, I was innately reminded to wipe the rims before sealing, just like in preserving. He’s making a Belgian-style pale ale now. What should we try next?

Homemade sauerkraut: Remember that homemade sauerkraut recipe I told you about last week? Well, it worked beautifully. I have 5 big jars of crisp, vinegary veggies in the depth of my fridge. We served it on top of sausages this weekend and it worked like a charm.

Fall cookbooks: I know it’s a year away but I’m excited to see my cookbook, Food Gift Love. I spent the weekend on some content touches and writing acknowledgements. It’s impossible to thank everyone but I want to thank EVERYONE because making something from nothing only happens when you have EVERYONE around you, you know. In the meantime, some new fall cookbooks get me excited to nest and you may want to give them a look: Heritage (southern), Sunday Suppers (dinners), Green Kitchen Travels (vegetarian), At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen (vegetarian), The Kitchn (recipes & kitchen tips), Mrs Wheelbarrow’s Practical Pantry (home preserving) and The Fat Radish Cookbook (vegetarian). [Side note: I received sample copies of some of these, but my love for them is all my own, promise.]


Pumpkin enchilada sauce: Pumpkin has gone savory in my house. I made a Pumpkin Enchilada Sauce that was so good that I ate it twice, just to be sure. And after getting queried by my dear friend overseas for the recipe, I hereby vow to post it within the next week.

Home Baked: For all my friends in the Netherlands, Yvette van Boven released her latest cookbook entirely dedicated to baking. It’s in Dutch now but will release in English in the fall of next year. I’m sending a big congratulations to her and Oof Verschuren (her husband and her cookbook’s photographer). I’m toasting you both from far away!

Have the best week ever and tell me what you plan to cook,


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Photo taken and styled by Maggie Battista.

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