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Hello Monday,

I’m starting a new week feeling a little disconnected. Does that happen to you sometimes? It happens to me when I don’t spend enough time in the kitchen, my place to rest up and regroup and, if I’m being honest, to feel whole again. I’m gonna fix this asap because when you work as much as I do (as we all do), you need that kitchen time.

In only a half day in the kitchen, I can clean out the fridge, prep meals for a few days and try to make something brand new (experiment). With those three simple acts, I can feel right as rain and ready for more food-gift-love. Here are some bits from the last week:

* Huge hugs to Brooklyn Brewery for a stellar dinner on Friday night. As well, thanks to: Foret Design, Island Creek Oysters, Slow Food Boston, Black Magic Coffee, and all the other participants who gave so generously of themselves to this non-for-profit event. I wrapped almost 100 gifts of cinnamon sugar for guests in craft paper, twine and the lovely ladies of Foret tucked in some pear leaves into each parcel. (I love wrapping gifts.)


* Right before the weekend, I did tackle a batch of homemade sauerkraut. With 4 extra heads of cabbage waiting in the wings, I am putting all sorts of faith into this first fermented batch. I shredded and massaged 4 pounds (about 2 large heads) of cabbage with 4 tablespoons of sea salt. It all got stuffed into a fermentation crock and filled with enough salty water to cover (at a ratio of 1 tablespoon of sea salt dissolved into 2 cups of filtered water). I put the lid on and created a water-tight seal, and it’s now doing its magic for 10 days. I’ll keep you posted.

* We spent the last two days meeting up with you in person. Our best selling products at the pop-ups were… {drumroll, please!}… Jacobsen’s Flake Sea Salt and We Love Jam Tart Cherry Apricot Jam. In fact, we sold out of both in person, but I reserved a few of each back in the shop for YOU so grab them before they’re all gone.

* I gave away 50+ bunches of Herbes de Provence this past weekend. The organic herbs were from a favorite flower farm. I gave them away ready to hang and dry in the kitchen (they’ll dry in 2-3 weeks). Once dried, you can pick off the leaves into spice jars or infuse them into sea salt. Gosh, they make great gifts, especially when delivered with a bag of amazing sea salt and ideas for how to use it.

* A chef friend is visiting next week, so I pinned some recipes and food projects to perhaps tackle together: Apple Peel Bourbon; Pork Cheek Ravioli; Holiday Stuffed Pumpkin; and Pumpkin Pie (except I’d like to toss some sage into the dough). I remember on one of his last visit’s we picked golden husk cherries, made a chutney and drizzled it over seared sea scallops — he’s pretty amazing.

Have the best week ever and tell me what you’re cooking,


P.S. I’m hoping to share these sorts of tidbits with you every Monday. Feel free to email me any questions. The photos were taken by moi and I post more of them daily on Instagram.


Photo taken and styled by Maggie Battista.

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