Vermont is for (Pie) Lovers




I ran off to Vermont a few weeks ago. I did not pass Go. I did not collect two hundred dollars. But unlike my favorite board game (ever), on the other end of the two plus hour drive, I found (pie) heaven.

I escaped to have a little family time, take long walks with the dog, and work on this pie.  Every cookbook needs a pie and this cookbook is going to have a tart, red fruit pie that can stand in at every holiday affair as the oh-so-splendid canvas for sweet vanilla ice cream or just-shaken whipped cream that has a bit of sugar and vanilla extract.

My pie is less sweet because I think pie should taste like freshly-picked fruit, not sweetener. My pie has an all-butter crust because it just tastes better to me – though I know some of you are in the shortening camp and I’ll eat your pies too. And my pie is all about taking your time behind a cutting board, slicing up dough to design your own personal top crust that is all you, all the way.

While I can’t share the pie recipe yet, I can tell you that Vermont is most definitely for pie lovers. After just 24 hours in a strange summer rental, I found my place behind the big butcher block. I cut butter into flour to form dough, washed and chopped local fruit and made my pie shine bright with a little diamond cut out. The pie in these photos doesn’t look perfect but it’s delicious and it’s mine. In about year, maybe you’ll make my recipe yours and try your hand at your own not-so-perfect (but actually perfect) top crust too.

While you wait, there are several outstanding pie recipes on this blog so maybe you should try one of them. The stand-outs are: Blueberry Pie with Cornmeal Crust; Rustic Apple Custard Pies; Cranberry Hand Pies; and Blackberry Peach Pie. And I took a whole bunch of photos on my little escape and grabbed the best ones from my Instagram feed to share in all their non-so-perfect glory below.

One last thing: Eat Boutique now has its own Instagram feed where we share products from the shop and special sales. Just wanted you to know, you know! xox

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Photos taken and styled by Maggie Battista.

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