How to Gift Wrap a Bottle




As I’m writing this cookbook, Food Gift Love, I’m recounting and recording my favorite recipes. It’s been a blast to relive the moment I first tasted homemade fried dough. I’m also playing with my favorite non-traditional pesto recipes, all chunky and green and perfect for the biggest bowl of homemade pasta possible. And spring rhubarb, just about to come to an end in New England, is turning up in several cookbook chapters, because I love you that much. So much.

In addition to sharing 100 food gift recipes, I’m also documenting fun, easy, special, and sometimes fancy ways to gift wrap all of them. And every time I find a new piece of gorgeous, old fabric, I want to wrap a food gift with it – sort of like putting a bird on it but, instead, putting fabric on it. It’s a compulsive blessing, really: using leftover fabric scraps to wrap a gift is a great way to reuse and recycle. Plus, it looks pretty darn good.

So, are you going to a dinner party this weekend? I bet you’re going to a dinner party this weekend. And I bet you’re going to bring wine or a large bottle of beer or maybe some gin. Gin is good. Vodka works too. Either way, if your host is getting a boozy gift or contribution to the big event, here’s the easiest – easiest way – to wrap up that bottle at the last moment.

How to Gift Wrap a Bottle


  • 1 piece of fabric, twice the height of your bottle
  • 1 12-inch piece of string, twine or ribbon


  1. Lay your fabric square out on a table. To mark your position, place your bottle upright in the dead center of the square. Gently lay it down so the top of the bottle lines up with the center of one side of the fabric square.
  2. Fold up the other side of your fabric square to cover your bottle and form a rectangle, with the bottle inside. Roll up one side of extra fabric toward the bottle. Repeat with the other side.
  3. Lay the piece of string under the neck of the bottle, making sure the string captures all the fabric, and tie into a knot. Trim string and/or fabric as needed to make the prettiest presentation, but I think it’s just perfect as is.


Photos taken and styled by Heidi/White Loft Studio.

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