What We’re Loving: Flaky Phyllo

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What We're Loving: Flaky Phyllo

Magic. How else can one explain the dazzling layers of delightfully flaky dough that create such a myriad of different dishes? It has to be some sort of sorcery that turns something so delicate into a delicious dish (and why it always seems to vanish so quickly). I personally fell under its spell with my very first bite of a decadently sweet and nutty baklava, but the mysterious phyllo goes so much further than the traditional sugar-soaked dessert.

To offer proof of its power, I asked several charming food bloggers to show us how they transform this bewitching ingredient into an enchanted dish. Be prepared to be amazed.

Take for instance, the Phyllo Chicken Pot Pie pictured above. This well-loved classic dish is given a new life thanks to the multi-layered crust.  The best part? No need to make dough, and the light and airy phyllo provides an ideal accompaniment to the comfort-y goodness of the pot pie. {From Taste Love and Nourish}

What We're Loving: Flaky Phyllo

These rustic, yet elegant, Caprese Salad in Phyllo Baskets could be filled with anything, really, but the addition of tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil dressed in an olive tapenade vinaigrette is terribly hard to resist. {From Drizzle and Dip}

What We're Loving: Flaky Phyllo

Three ingredients. Seriously. Just three ingredients, and you can have the perfect appetizer for a holiday party, or, let’s be honest, a mid-week snack thanks to these Brie and Cranberry Phyllo. {From Cookin Canuck}

What We're Loving: Flaky Phyllo

These ruffles are just too pretty to pass up. Thankfully, the Beef Florentine Phyllo Pie—with its layers of beef, spinach, and cheese—tastes as good as it looks, so you know you’re in for a real treat. {From Drizzle and Dip}

What We're Loving: Flaky Phyllo

Say hello to Greek-Style Creamy Custard Phyllo Pie. Layers of flaky phyllo drenched in rich custard—made with cardamom, cinnamon, and orange—and topped with pistachios. Need I say more? {From What’s for Lunch Honey}

What We're Loving: Flaky Phyllo

The traditional dessert that launched my love affair with phyllo has been reimagined into these quick (just 15 minutes!), bite-sized Baklava Cups. I’ll try not to swoon. {From Gimme Some Oven}

Photos courtesy of Caroline, Sam, Dara, Meeta, Dara, and Ali.

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