What We’re Loving: Spring Peas


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As the world unfurls from a harsh winter, as shoots force themselves out into the Spring sun, there is nothing harder than waiting for the markets to reflect the new life all around us. We are so close. So close to full markets and gardens, to leafy, colorful produce spilling out of grocery bags. Often I find myself dreaming of the big bowls I will fill with tomatoes and plums and cherries…become delirious from the mere thought of a perfectly ripe, almost melting melon. Thankfully, between frosty and broiling, there are the firsts to keep our hearts light and our kitchens busy. Asparagus, strawberries, rhubarb, the earliest baby greens….and peas!

I might be just a tad early, but some premature inspiration never hurt anyone, and once those babies finally arrive, we’ll know EXACTLY what we want to do with this delicate, delectable, utterly spring-y produce…courtesy of some of the internet’s freshest bloggers!


For a versatile spread you can enjoy over and over again, I love a simple Pea Pesto. Spread this one on crisped toasts for an appetizer, mix into some rice with butter for a light lunch, or set it out with the hummus before dinner! {from Love and Lemons}

Maybe it’s an early love of Green Eggs and Ham, but I love the look of this monochrome Pasta with Pesto and Peas. With a sprinkle of pine nuts and some freshly grated cheese, it’s a subtly rich flavor combination. {from Cook Smarts}


This Brussels Sprouts, Red Cabbage, and Sweet Peas Salad uses hearty winter stock and novel spring ingredients to make a refreshing, crunchy, and slightly sweet spring salad. {from Melangery}

We’ll have to wait a bit longer for this chilly Lemon Cucumber and Fresh Pea Soup, but it’s so beautiful and simple I couldn’t help myself. Perfect for a hot day’s lunch, right before a nice long siesta…. {from Tartalette}


So not only are these Sweet Pea and Ricotta Cupcakes gorgeous, they’re also rocking a classic flavor combination in dessert form. The last flavor note? Basil! {from Cupcake Project}


Finally, feast your eyes (and then actually feast) on this fluffy, multi-layered Sweet Pea Spring Cake, resplendent with a light icing and hints of lemon and peppermint. {from Butter Sugar Flowers}

Photos courtesy of Jeanine, Jess, Yelena, Helene, Stef (Jason’s Photography), and  Moriah.

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