Food Gift Love Cookbook Update




I’m having a day, a week… oh, it’s really more like, a month.

I was in California. Then, I was in France. And then, I was in Germany. I hosted two pop up shops, one at Anthropologie and one at Fringe Union. And next week, I fly west again, for 36 short hours, to host a session at this amazing conference {The Big Traveling Potluck}. We’re going to make food gifts {with love} naturally.

And then there’s lots of other stuff going on, some of which I haven’t really talked about in this space. Most of it has to do with lots of challenges and lots of {fabulous} family members who are just living life, pushing through its ups and downs. You don’t need to know the details because – really – we all have things. We all have things. I know that the “things” make me appreciate all the amazingness.

Through all this, I spend every single weekend writing a cookbook. I have scheduled every weekend from now through the end of the summer to write this cookbook. Wow, right? Yep, wow. I have a few weekends off, but mostly, I dedicate those two days to researching, writing, testing, revising and re-testing a new batch of recipes. When I finally tie a bow around my manuscript, I’ll be able to tell you exactly how many weekends it takes to write a cookbook. Much to my dismay, it does not take 300 weekends to write a cookbook… because my editor would never allow that, never. It’s more like 40 or 50 tops!


As I write, I test. Some of you test too and that’s where more amazingness manifests. I am having the busiest month ever, the kind of busy that makes you want to cry, and then photos start piling in from my dream team of recipe testers and you know what, I actually do cry. Tears definitely fall.

I cry because, I am so lucky to know these generous men and women who have let me hang in their houses each week. I don’t really hang in their houses but it feels like I’m there, especially when I see the pretty evidence of their recipe testing.

So every few weeks, I’m going to share photos from their testing. I can’t share recipe names or ingredients and I won’t call out each recipe tester – because they know who they are – but I want you to feel my building excitement for Food Gift Love.


Oh my goodness, the colors are gorgeous, right?!

When I was flooded with 200 recipe testing applicants, I had no idea that so many of them were also wonderful photographers. They impress me to infinity and beyond.

I am also impressed by the recipes from the contributors who add daily gorgeousness to Eat Boutique while I travel and work on this cookbook. In case you missed them, here are some highlights:

>> Five ingredient recipes are my favorite kind. These Meyer Lemon Mini Cannoli Cups would be equally delicious with regular Eureka lemon juice. {Thank you, Mary!}

>> I am making these Apple Cider Steamed Mussels the first moment I get a date-night-in with the husband. {Thank you, Sean!}

>> Don’t even talk to me about these Toasted Coconut Coffee Muffins. Coffee and coconut just makes sense. {Thank you, Matthew!}

>> And your favorite recipe from the last few weeks is…


… a recipe for cleaning spray?! Really, it’s an all natural, kitchen-approved Lemon Rosemary Cleaning Spray. {Thank you, Melissa!} I guess we’re all Spring-cleaning, eh?!

As spring keeps rolling on and hopefully sticking around for a while, I’ll share bits and bobs as I have some free moments, probably from airports or from my cookbook writing weekends or from our next pop up shop or, well, you get the idea. I’ll make it happen, because you make it worthwhile.

Thank you for reading, folks. If you want to see my travel photos in progress, check out my Instagram. More very, very soon… promise and cheers! xox.


Photos appear courtesy of my dream team of recipe testers – hugs to each and every one! 

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