Five Reasons to Fall for Campari





Oh, Campari, how I have loathed and loved you. And I am not alone. Many find the first few sips of this scarlet-hued liqueur to be a bit abrasive. It is only after persevering through a bit of face puckering that one discovers how delightful and strangely addictive the bitter-orange-flavored elixir can be.

My love affair with Campari was by no means instantaneous. In fact, my husband—a self-proclaimed bitter aperitif aficionado—failed numerous times to convince me of the beauty of Campari before I finally understood all of the fuss. It happened one night at a Quebec City bar. My darling man ordered his usual Negroni and I, feeling adventurous, followed suit. Rimmed in sugar and adorned with a curly orange rind, this Negroni was my a-ha moment. I fell for Campari—hard—and we’ve been quite happy together ever since.

To continue the new-found infatuation, I turned to five of our favorite bloggers to see how they showcase this unique drink—hint: it’s more than just cocktails.

1. Campari-Basil Mojito (pictured above): Simply replace the mint with basil and forego the rum for Campari, et voila! You have created a refreshingly bright and slightly bitter cocktail that will make even the curmudgeonly smile. {From Set the Table}


2. Teeth of the Hydra Cocktail: The glorious combination of dry Rye, bitter Campari, complex pomegranate molasses, fragrant rose water, and lemon is incredibly intoxicating, in more ways than one. {From 10th Kitchen}


3. Melting Heart Cocktail: It’s easy to feel cheery with this colorful cocktail—made with pear, gin, ginger, and champagne—by your side. The best part? Campari ice cubes (yes, ice cubes!) that add a beautiful bite to the sweet drink as they melt. {From Fleur de Sel}


4. Campari Cantaloupe Popsicle: Just three ingredients and you have something truly cool. The sweetness from the cantaloupe marries perfectly with the bitterness of the Campari for a delightful summer treat. {From Shutterbean}


5. Grapefruit Campari Sorbet: Grapefruit and Campari are long-time friends, and this sorbet celebrates the perfect union of tart and bitter. It’s just a bonus that it ends up so pretty in pink. {From Completely Delicious}

Photos courtesy of Rachael, Danguole, Lindsay, Tracy, Annalise.

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