Cooking with Nut Butters


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Don’t get me wrong – I love nut butters, just as they are. I’m the first one to crack open a jar and commence the double dipping, because I have a lot to make up for. You see, I didn’t even TRY peanut butter until I was eighteen. Eighteen!

I spent an entire childhood without the wonder of that rich, oily, textural wonderland… and after the floodgates opened, I had equally transformative experiences with almond, cashew, and pecan butters. I love a few crisp apple slices doused in whatever nut butter within arm’s reach.

I adore eating nut butters plain and pre-made. But making your own fresh butter, and using that butter in more inventive ways opens up so many new tastes, from smoothie to energy bar to soup. The peanut butter cookie is popular for a reason – it’s delicious – but today we honor some off-the-beaten-track recipes. Leave convention behind, and let’s go a little nuts! No apologies for the pun.


If you’ve never made your own nut butter, now is the time. There is some absolutely amazing stuff in our little shop (like the Big Spoon Roasters or Huntington Kitchen we love so much), but nothing beats making your own, even if its just for the aroma that settles in your kitchen like a big, warm, nutty blanket. And when you make your own, you can also personalize!

Why not sweeten your life with some Almond Butter with Vanilla Bean Honey? If you live in the South, you are actually obligated to make this Pumpkin Pecan Butter, and of course, there’s the simply classic Homemade Peanut Butter. {from Ambitious Kitchen, Confections of a Foodie Bride, and Averie Cooks}


Now that you’ve got a few jars tucked away, why not start the day with nut butter? And I’m not talking about on toast. I’m talking about a Almond Butter Green Smoothie to whip you into shape. This smoothie has everything – greens, sweet banana, and a nutty finish. {from Katy’s Kitchen}


I adore these Cranberry Apricot Almond Butter Bars for many reasons. They work for breakfast, for lunch, for an afternoon pick-me-up…even as dessert! But they are gluten free, light on sugar, and actually filling enough to satisfy. {from Bright Eyed Baker}


When I lived in New York City, I had a vegan roommate who introduced me to the beauty of massaged kale. Yes, you read that correctly…massaged kale. But let me assure you, raw kale needs to be massaged. It breaks it down, releases some natural sugar, and transforms it from health food to healthy crack. This Smoky Massaged Kale Salad uses both avocados and almond butter for a creamy, luscious dressing. {from Almonds and Avocados}


And here comes salad number two, full of cashew-y goodness. Anyone who says salad can’t be a meal hasn’t tried Crunchy Cashew Thai Salad with Peanut Ginger Dressing. This puppy is all sorts of filling, and stuffed to the gills with fresh, bright flavors. {from Tasty Kitchen}


And now for the soup. This may seem odd, you may be alarmed, try to be calm, because you are about to learn about one of Northwestern Africa’s best culinary weapons – warm peanut butter stews. Sounds strange? Well, it tastes amazing. Vegetarian West African Peanut Soup is all about the curry and coconut milk, while this Senegalese Peanut Butter Stew is heavy on the tomatoes, and begs to be paired with some fluffy rice. Both are heavenly. {from The Travelers Lunch Box and Cookie and Kate}

Photos courtesy of Monique, Shawnda, Averie, Katy, Bright-Eyed-Baker, Rachel, Laurie, Melissa, and Kate.

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