Five Simple, Stunning Crostinis



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I come from a long line of hosts and hostesses—my parents write menus like most people write daily to-do lists—so the urge to throw a dinner party is in my blood. I can’t help it; I love preparing a meal for the people I hold most dear in this world. I find entrees exciting and desserts dreamy, but I used to struggle terribly with the appetizer. I confess that I have served my fair share of cheese plates (which I adore!) to avoid making a first course.  That is, until I met the darling crostini and my party planning days changed forever.

Crostinis are pure dinner-party genius. Simply add a topping of fabulous ingredients to toast (or some other such vehicle), et voila! Suddenly you have an appetizer that requires minimal work and offers wow results. Don’t believe me? Take a look at some of our favorite bloggers’ crostini creations to see just how lovely appetizers can be.

1. Kale-White Bean Crostini (pictured above): The gorgeous green kale set against the bright white beans make this crostini almost too pretty to eat. Almost. Add lemon, rosemary, shallots, and parmesan, and it doesn’t stand a chance. {From Love & Lemons for}


2. Bruschetta with Fig Compote:  The sweetness of figs is paired perfectly with the saltiness of prosciutto and the nuttiness of bleu cheese in this quick appetizer. Add a few fresh herbs to brighten each bite, and you’ll have it made. {From Sarah Kieffer at}


3. Summer Squash Tartines: Technically, these gorgeous tartines aren’t really crostinis. This, however, is only a matter of bread size and it would be easy-peasy to turn this fresh and fabulous sandwich into a bite-sized starter. {From Jelly Toast}


4. Mango Crostini: Toasted baguette. Goat cheese. Mango. Arugula. Honey-basalmic reduction. It’s that easy. And you’re welcome. {From VeggieZest}


5. Prawns on Crisp Polenta Rounds and Sun-Dried Tomato Dipping Sauce: Want something a bit fancier? Try polenta rounds instead of the traditional toast and create a beautiful (and tasty) way to display these perfectly-grilled prawns. {From Lemons and Anchovies}

Photos courtesy of Chanel, Zoe, Emily, PallaviJean.

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