Six Ways to Eat Pomegranates All Day Long




When I think of the Valentine’s Days of my youth, I think paper hearts, doilies, chocolates, and those mandatory cards one had to send to one’s classmates as a child. I think sweet milk chocolate and strawberries, and bins of stuffed teddy bears. Nowadays, very different images come to mind. Slinky dresses, beautiful bouquets of posies, and truly magnificent meals-out are at the forefront. After all, isn’t Valentine’s Day just an excellent excuse to go have a multi-course, aphrodisiac-laden dinner, topped off with a decadent dessert? Maybe it’s just me. Holidays are always about the food in my world.

This Valentine’s Day, I’d like to turn everyone’s attention to a certain fruit that just screams love and pleasure to me – the pomegranate. The deep, ruby-red color, the tricky exterior and piquant interior, the mix of sweet and tart and juicy…this is a complicated, beautiful, ultimately-worth-it fruit. And it’s not just me that thinks so; from around the blogosphere I’m happy to present a plethora of ways to enjoy the pomegranate, from morning to late, late night.


1. Dutch Babies. Absolutely anyone would be happy to wake up to this cloud-like confection, topped with fresh heavy cream, apples, persimmons, and pomegranate seeds. {from Kinfolk}


2. Gingerbread Cupcakes with Marshmallow Frosting. We’ve fallen head over heels for these breakfast and brunch ready cakes. The spicy, comforting gingerbread gets an unexpected (but entirely welcoming) zing from a Pomegranate Caramel. {from Blogging Over Thyme}


3. Sweet-and-Sticky Pomegranate Chicken. It would be easy to limit the pomegranate experience to sweets, but then you’d miss out on the joy of contrasting tartness with saltiness!  This chicken is messy, and a little more involved, and utterly worth the effort. {from How Sweet Eats}


4. Pomegranate Kale Salad. Perfect winter lunch? Perfect winter lunch. Pomegranate seeds star in this healthy, crunchy, refreshing salad, that’s sure to chase away any winter blues. Kale, wild rice, walnuts, and feta? Yes PLEASE. {from Pinch of Yum}


5. Pomegranate Sorbet. Oh sorbet. How fluffy and flavorful and wonderful you are. I’m a huge fan of Lemon Sorbet, mostly because tart and sweet is my favorite combination, so this Pomegranate Sorbet (with a surprise ginger kick!) absolutely blew me away. {from Blogging Over Thyme}


6. Chocolate Pomegrante Tart. Oh, oh…OH. Cream, dark chocolate, almonds, and that seductive flavor only Pomegranate seeds can provide. Make this for your significant other. Make this for your best friend. Make this for yourself. {from Pastry Affair}

Photos courtesy of Kelsey & Shaun, Laura, Jessica, Lindsay, and the Pastry Affair.

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