Valentine’s Day Gift Guide





Until I went away to college, I received at least one Valentine’s Day card and a few presents each year…but never from a boy. Who was this mystery gifter? My mother.

Every year, without fail, I would come home from school to balloons, chocolates, and strawberries cut in the shape of hearts (which were my absolute favorite). It follows that I believe that Valentine’s Day is an all-inclusive holiday. It’s the perfect day to let the people you love know just how happy you are to have them.

Here are our picks from our shop and from across the Web for every special person in your life!


FOR THE CLASS ACT You know that person? The one that roasts wild boar, shucks oysters like it’s nothing, and throws the dinner parties that people talk about at other dinner parties? These Bing Bang Wishbone Studs are the perfect way to say, “You are one class act.” {from Spartan}

FOR THE NEWBIE COOK Pretzels are not only delicious, but deliciously impressive if you can wrangle them. Nothing boosts a young cook’s confidence like successfully making a sure-fire hit. Give them the tools, and join them in the kitchen, with our Pretzel Making at Home kit. {from Eat Boutique}

FOR THE NEW INTEREST Beginnings are a whirlwind. They sweep you away, full of excitement, but first gifts also remarkably hard at Valentine’s Day which is why a gift of time and a good meal never fails. We’re in love with this Chestnut Soup for Valentine’s dinner – it’s unusual, delicious, and full of February comfort. {recipe from Eat Boutique}


FOR THE WINTER SQUIRREL Some love to cook, some concoct sweet desserts, and some fill shelves and fridge with little jars of preserves. You know the preserver: There’s always something jammy on the stove, and they’re the only ones with homemade tomato sauce in March. Brighten their morning (and their toast) with this Blood Orange Curd{recipe from The Tart Tart}

FOR THE NEW HOMEOWNER Maybe she/he is straight out of college, a new apartment renters, or just tied the knot. Regardless, new homeowners need something to entertain too, and this Romanesque Serveware goes above and beyond cheap plastic from the Dollar Store. Help make a house a home even faster!  {from Anthropologie}

FOR THE HOSTESS The hostess usually has everything covered, from the olives and the salted hazelnuts, to the cheeseboard you just devour. Complete her spread, and provide a mid-afternoon munch with Treat Spiced Pecans.  {from Eat Boutique}


FOR THE WHIRLWIND COOK These You Cook, I’ll Clean Towels are two gifts really. These offer a promise that you’ll stand by your significant through messes, splatters and the daily kitchen clean. {from Eat Boutique}

FOR THE TEA DRINKER They get tea all the time: tea from all over the world; loose and in bags; herbal, English, jasmine, and oolong. You know what they don’t get? Cold brewed tea, in some of our absolute favorite packaging. Evy Tea is a fresh take on an old favorite, a (decaf) green tea infused with pomegranate and fig flavor. {from Eat Boutique}

FOR THE MEAT MAN If you know a barbecue man with a sweet tooth, these Smoked Chocolate Chips are the ultimate gift. They marry smoke and chocolate, and make some truly out-there Chocolate Chip Pancakes! {from Get Your Hotcakes}

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