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I had this – shall we say unusual? – hobby as a child. Every Halloween I would run myself ragged traversing the neighborhood in search of the best candy, filling my pillowcase (and then my costume, and them my shoes) with the stuff. My younger brother and I would then return home, weary and triumphant, to spill our hoard all over the living room floor (with clear lines of separation, naturally). {lead image from Sunday at Two}

This isn’t the unusual bit. You see, I didn’t actually eat that much candy as a child. I was really more of a sour and salt kind of girl. But I adored having a giant cache of candy, because it meant I got to watch the joy steal over a person’s face when I whipped out a candy bar or lollipop months after Halloween. I loved seeing how happy and giddy my beloved Candy Lovers got.

Now that I’m older (and not a bit wiser), my Candy Lovers (the real ones, I mean) have changed a bit. They still believe candy is nirvana, one of the purest expressions of joy and decadence. But they are also harder to please than the general population, for they have higher expectations, and therefore more discerning tastes. In honor of the Candy Lover, here are three classic childhood pleasures taken up a notch when it comes to flavor, ingredients, and the candy-making process. The result? Some very happy, slightly healthy, guilt free candy that is perfect as a personal pat-on-the-back or as a gift for the sweet aficionado in your life .


The Chocolate Bar

 No snickers here, thank you very much. There is something incredibly satisfying about the play of smooth chocolate and textural fillings, the mark of a classic candy bar. Instead of industrial peanut bits, Liddabit Sweets delivers with local and seasonal ingredients in their Dorie Bar and Lime in the Coconut Bar. The Dorie Bar has a  chewy caramel center surrounded by a soft chocolate shell; the surprise lies in the apricot pieces and a pinch of black pepper! Lime in the Coconut Bar has my name written all over it, with a dark chocolate shell and a coconut, macadamia nut, and rum interior. Cue the swoons.


White Chocolate

The world has two kinds of people in it; those who like white chocolate, and those who do not. That is, until now. The Chocolat Moderne Avante Garde Bar is slowly inciting a quiet but pervasive revolution, stealthily converting all doubters. In addition to the rich cocoa butter and milk, this bar has a passion fruit caramel center and hints of cardamom. Willie Wonka who?



Remember those sticky, cellophane squares of overwhelmingly sweet, chocolate-milk-colored candy? Big Picture Farm Chai Caramels are the older, sophisticated, and nuanced relative; the one that devours blue cheese and makes a truly transcendent tagine. These caramels are the product of creamy goat’s milk (straight from the Big Picture Farm Dairy!), organic Chai, and organic tapioca….oh, and some sugar, too.

They are heavenly, earth-friendly, and support goats! Does small-batch candy get any better?

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Photos taken and styled by Heidi/White Loft Studios.

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