What We’re Loving: 2013


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Whew, what a year. 2013 was full of change for Eat Boutique, culminating in our largest Boston 2013 Holiday Market in December. It was a year stuffed with new connections, new opportunities, and of course, some truly great eats! Now that 2014 has rolled in, we commemorate our love of Eating Boutique by looking back at some of the most popular posts of 2013. I think you’re going to spot some interesting trends…


Wake up and smell the…sweet potato? These Sweet Potato Pancakes apparently made a big impression at the beginning of last year, so grab a few spuds and cuddle up for a morning in.



I didn’t even try to make the colors match up, cross my heart! It seems cozy, warm, and savory foods were on the mind last February. Impress everyone with a brunch-tastic Butternut Squash and Onion Galette, and finish off one of these cold, dark nights with these adorable Rustic Apple Custard Pies.



The winter simply wouldn’t let up, so what’s a foodie to do? Why, open the liquor cabinet! Whiskey Ginger and Pear Rum Blush brighten up any dreary winter’s day!



So that whole we-love-booze-when-its-cold? Turns out it applies when it’s warm, too. An ethereal Blackberry Moscow Mule and the gorgeous Vin D’orange ushered in the spring and summer months – and for good reason!



This mouthwatering Moscato Sabayon and Berries exemplifies the best bits of summer: fresh fruit, cold booze, and a silky smooth custard to savor for hours.



High summer and hot weather call for a refreshing glass of the season, and this Fig and Melon Martini is just what the doctor ordered. The delicate and sweet melon has a short season, so it’s a true treat!



And then came Fall, with its apples and sharp winds and many assorted squashes. Er, that’s not another drink you spy…it’s simply a liquid appetizer! This warm and comforting Apple Orange Hot Toddy is perfect for the grown-ups on Halloween.


This savory vegetarian Stuffed Butternut Squash is good for everyone – vegetarians and omnivores alike!



Oh pie. Dear readers, you have excellent taste. Two miniature desserts, a luscious Blackberry Blueberry Fig Tartlet and Cranberry Hand Pies won our, and apparently your, hearts.

Of course, there was no chance of ending the year without one last good toast, and Maggie and Heidi delivered with this visually stunning and crowd-pleasing Basilcello.


Happy New Year, and may many more delicious recipes come in 2014!

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