What We’re Loving: Sugar Cookies


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To say my culinary horizons were limited as a child would be an understatement. I was as plain-jane as they come; no sauces, no spice, no heat, and absolutely no chocolate (I’m equally horrified as you are, I promise). My favorite flavor was usually the simplest available – think vanilla ice cream, spaghetti with butter, and burgers plain, with perhaps a single piece of lettuce. So when it came to cookies, sugar cookies were a clear winner. {lead photo Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies from Daily Nibbles}

HOWEVER. Though I harbor shame for my unadventurous epicurean past, I will never apologize for my love of sugar cookies. Unlike their cluttered cousins, sugar cookies are resplendent of the most basic of cookie ingredients: sugar, butter, vanilla, and the slightest pinch of balancing salt. They are pure dessert and delight. When made right, they crumble in your mouth and melt away in a dizzying spell of sugar, leaving a buttery afterglow. When made right, you don’t need chocolate or oatmeal or peanut butter. The sugar cookie stands on its own two light-as-air legs.

Courtesy of the internet’s best bakers, we bring you the classic cookie (and a few with a twist!).


What’s better than butter? Butter that’s been heated until bubbly and caramelized. This dessert changer is the star of these Brown Butter Sugar Cookies.{from The Novice Chef}


I’ve always been enchanted by Snickerdoodles. With the simple addition of cinnamon, they take the classic sugar and turn it into the essence of comfort. Make it even easier to dip into hot coffee or tea by turning them into Snickerdoodle Biscotti! {from The Brown Eyed Baker}


Chewy Lemon Sugar Cookies inject a punch of bright citrus that I find utterly addicting. Big, fat, and just slightly undercooked, these cookies are soft as a lemon-flavored cloud. {from Sweet Peas Kitchen}

Since lemon and vanilla are such great partners, here’s another recipe that takes advantage of them: Sugar Cookie Lemon Tarts. Sugar cookie crusts filled with a fresh custard and whipped cream make a perfect dessert (or snack, or breakfast…). {from Inquiring Chef}


Of course, it would be a crime not to include the simple classic. But the original gets supersized with Giant Vanilla Sugar Cookies. In this case, bigger really is better. {from Joy the Baker}

Finally, a dessert made of dessert! Sugar Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches. Just yes. {from Completely Delicious}


Photos courtesy of Jessica, Michelle, Christina, Jess, Joy, and Annalise.

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